Play Voice Over Bluetooth Missing

Bluetooth technology has been on the rise, and it is involved in many devices, android, iOS windows, and even cars. However, many people have been complaining about the Play Voice Over Bluetooth missing. This article will discuss what you need to know about Bluetooth, what you can do whenever your play voice over Bluetooth missing arises.

Play Voice Over Bluetooth

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Thet Play Voice Over Bluetooth is known predominantly on Cars, offering drivers the capability to connect to their automobiles using their android device’s Bluetooth. The features make sure audio is directed from the device to the car’s speakers.

With the Play over Bluetooth feature, it becomes easy for your device to communicate with the car in directing you to wherever you have marked on the car.

All these can only be possible if you are using the Google Map application on your android smartphone

Pairing Your Phone to The Car

Pairing your Android device to your car is easy, and by no means different from pairing from phone to phone.

Depending on your android version, navigate to on the Bluetooth. A shortcut is to pull down the status bar, and touch and hold the Bluetooth icon. However, if you are stereotypes you can navigate to settings and sort yourself out

After switching on the Bluetooth, check the list of paired devices (this list contains the devices already paired to your android device). Add a new device and let the search option run.

After pairing you have to check whether all the options are on, simply touch the cogwheel icon to make sure options such as Phone calls, Media audio, input device are already turned on

If the connection is not done properly, you might experience the error

Use navigation in the Google Maps app

The android operating system is much loved with its features, and with regards to getting to places, it becomes easy to get to places by using the Google Maps app.

The Map application will give you the direction to the place you are going and if your places have the feature, the use real-time traffic information which will give you the best direction to wherever you choose to visit

Voice navigation also allows an immersive effect on the ride, with the showing of traffic alerts, the right lane to use, where you need to turn, and the perfect route to make your journey easier.

Start or stop navigation

Navigate to the Google Maps application on your android smartphone

Choose where you are going

Click on Directions which is found at the bottom left of the screen. You can just touch and hold and navigation will start

Note: You can add other destinations by following these steps:

  • Click on More
  • Add Stops (as many as you like)
  • Click on Done.

After all the prep, you can start the navigation by click on Start

Sometimes users see such notifications like “Searching for GPS,”. this means that your phone is looking for a GPS signal

If you want to cancel the navigation, click on  Close.


Note: Navigation and info about which lane to use aren’t available in all regions and languages.

Play Voice Over Bluetooth Missing: Solutions  

Sometimes most android users experience and error in the play voice Bluetooth option missing. for you to solve this, there are three methods you must check, these methods are not ideal but nevertheless necessary

Method 1

Make sure your device is correctly connected to the car. You can also try to change the audio path whenever you are experiencing the problem. You can’t, for example, listen to the radio and have the Maps instructions play over Bluetooth.

Method 2

The error might be due to your phone playing music, therefore it is better to switch off the Media profile in the cogwheel activated option.

Method 3

You might have mistakenly off the Play Over Bluetooth feature. Simply navigate to Open Google Maps > Settings > Navigation Settings. Check whether the feature is already on, if it is not just switch it on