SOLVED! - Plantronics Voyager Legend Poor Sound

About Plantronics Voyager Legend poor sound, there must have been a connection problem so you should disassemble and reassemble the headset. Furthermore, you may want to replace the battery, swap the earpiece, or update the firmware. Read to the end to learn the way to get rid of the sound issue.

Microphone Or Connect Button Malfunctions

Not being able to hear or hearing crackling sounds when using the headset can be caused by the connect button. The connect button can be disengaged or malfunctioned or the microphone assembly may be wet or malfunctioned.

Guide To Repair or Replace Microphone Assembly

Step 1- Loosen the snaps that hold the microphone assembly together.

Step 2- Remove the top piece of the plastic housing to expose the metal, protective plate. Use precision tweezers to remove the metal protective plate.

Step 3- The volume button is located by the rear end of the microphone assembly close to the earpiece assembly. Use precision tweezers to remove the volume button.

Step 4- Remove the voice tube, disconnect the leads that are attached to the voice tube. If the voice tube is the component that needs replacement then you can replace it.

Step 5- Remove the circuit board out of position, disconnect the leads so that the circuit board is completely free. You can replace the circuit board if it needs replacement and solder the leads on the circuit board.

Device Refusal To Turn On

A broken power button, dead battery, or battery damaged by water can make the Plantronics voyager legend battery not to turn on.  Below are the steps to fix it.

Guide For Battery Replacement

Step 1- Remove the protective outer covering. Using a metal spudger, separate the covering from the housing.

Step 2- Pull the plastic housing to reveal the wire that connects the entire unit.

Step 3- Remove the protective covering on the bottom of the plastic housing.

Step 4- Using precision tweezers, remove the volume and power button out of place.

Step 5- Use a metal spudger to remove the battery circuitry.

Step 6- Remove the circuit board to reveal the battery unit.

Step 7- Use precision tweezers to pull the tape holding the battery in position.

Step 8- Remove the old battery and the leads on it, replace with a new battery, and solder the leads on it.

Can’t Hear The Person At The Receiving End Of The Call

If you are having problems hearing the person at the other end of the call, it may be that your volume is turned down to a minimum. Use the volume button to increase it. Please do this first and if it doesn’t stop, then you can disassemble. Another reason for this problem may be that the earpiece assembly isn’t working or water has damaged the speaker in the earpiece. If the earpiece does not fit correctly, it may also cause this problem. Below are the steps in changing an earpiece.

Guide To Earpiece Replacement

Step 1- Remove the soft, plastic earpiece out of position.

Step 2- Use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat the earpiece assembly so that the adhesive holding it together will soften.

Step 3- Use a metal spudger to remove the top half of the earpiece assembly

Step 4- Use a metal spudger to remove the speaker housing.

Step 5- Use precision tweezers to remove the protective screen in front of the speaker unit.

Steps 6- Remove the speaker unit and the leads. Replace with a new speaker unit and solder the leads on it.

Poor Audio Quality

If you notice or experience crackling or pop sounds when making a phone call then it is a result of poor audio quality. Your Plantronics voyager legend headset may have a firmware of the lower version, so you need to update it. This problem can be solved by updating the firmware on the Plantronics website.

Steps To Update Firmware

Step 1- Connect your PC to your Plantronics voyager legend headset using a USB cord.

Step 2- Go to on your browser.

Step 3- You have to run the installer as an administrator if you are using a PC.

Step 5- Go back to your browser and update the firmware of your headset. Yes, you can update the firmware of your Plantronics voyager legend headset using your browser.


The Plantronics voyager legend headset is a Bluetooth device. It is more common because of the poor audio quality associated with it. This article gives you solutions to the common causes of poor audio quality. So, you don’t have to throw away your Plantronics voyager legend headset whenever it encounters any audio problem.