SOLVED! - Pairing Rejected by Surge – Only A Myth If You Follow These Steps!

No need to keep holding your smartphone while doing your daily workout since you can now use smartwatches. Grab a smartwatch and connect it to your mobile phone. One of the widely used smartwatches is the Fitbit Surge. But it could be a real problem if you get, “Pairing rejected by Surge” error. Though it’s not really a waste if you haven’t tracked your progress for the day, it could be helpful to evaluate your performance. Hence, we make this article to discuss this connectivity issue with Fitbit Surge.

Fitbit Surge and Your Android Mobile

Fitbit Surge is a smartwatch packed with tons of exciting features. Get real-time time tracking of your daily workout without the need for a smartphone. It does so much more especially when you download the Fitbit app on your Android mobile. You can track all-day activities like tracking steps, heart rate, calories burnt and so much more.

With proper integration with your smartphone, you can get notifications like messages and call alerts. You can control the music on your mobile playlist. Since it’s equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, integration with other devices should be reliable. There’s just so much convenience and ease when your Fitbit Surge is connected to your mobile device.

Then, what if you are stuck in the situation that pairing is rejected by Surge? What will you do?

Why Surge Rejects Pairing with Your Mobile?

Just like any smart device, if system requirements are not met, the connection will not be established properly. Or, if you are lucky to have established connections, if there are problems along the way, connections can be revoked easily. For Surge and Android mobile connection, there are several reasons why Surge may reject the connection.

Mobile Phone Not Supported

Remember, not all mobile devices can be connected to smartwatches. There are system requirements. Check Fitbit to see if the mobile device you are trying to connect is compatible with the Fitbit Surge. Even though you have successfully established a connection at one point, it’s not a guarantee if your phone isn’t compatible with Fitbit Surge.

Surge Is Connected to Various Devices

At some point, you will have some problems if you have already connected your Fitbit Surge to several devices. Either you’ll get a connection/pairing rejected or you can face other errors. The best thing to do is to delete all connections and try to re-establish pairing.

Pair Surge and Your Android Mobile Successfully

Bluetooth connection can sometimes be problematic. Though it’s very convenient when it works, it has limitations. You must understand these restrictions so that Bluetooth wireless connection will work in your favor all the time. To ensure good pairing and connection between your Fitbit Surge and your mobile device, check the following troubleshooting steps.

Supported Mobile Phone

The very first thing that you need to ensure is your device must be compatible with Fitbit products. As mentioned, not all devices can be connected to your smartwatch.

Ensure Up-to-Date Fitbit App and Phone

Once you know 100% that your phone is compatible, check if your app and your phone system are up to date. Some compatibility issues can be resolved if you get the latest Fitbit app or an updated system.

For your device you must go to Settings>Advanced>System Update. Alternatively, simply key in System Update in the search bar of your phone’s Settings. Get the latest version and update it.

For Fitbit App, you can proceed to Google Play Store>My Apps & Games>Fitbit. You can see the Update button to the right of the app. You can also enable auto-update for Fitbit so you won’t need to do it manually.

Unpair and Re-Pair Surge

Since Bluetooth is just a wireless connection, sometimes you need to unpair Surge and then, pair it again with your mobile device. Go to Settings>Wireless & Networks>Bluetooth. Turn it on to see Paired Devices. Tap Surge connection and then, Unpair. Now, refresh or check available devices and pair Fitbit Surge, again.

Enable Bluetooth Classic Function

If re-pairing doesn’t work, try to do it in your Fitbit Surge, instead. Go to Settings, then find Bluetooth Classic function. You must turn it ON. Restart the device and you should have a connection by now.

Make Changes on the Fitbit App

Still get rejected? Go to Settings>Devices>Surge (the connection for your Fitbit Surge). Tap the icon on the left side and touch Call Notifications (not the toggle on/off switch). You’ll receive a message that the device has to be paired. Tap OK and it will now be paired with your device without a problem.

The Final Say

With Bluetooth wireless connection, it’s very easy to connect your smartwatch to your phone. You can do so much from tracking your daily exercise routines to receiving notifications and call alerts. The problem is when you get an error: Pairing rejected by Surge if you have a Fitbit Surge.

First, you must check if your smartphone is compatible with the Fitbit Surge. Then, check if the app and your phone are updated. Of course, you need to activate Bluetooth and internet connection to pair them successfully. A few more solutions are offered in this article if this problem persists. Try them and you’ll not worry about this connection failure again.


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