YouTube CC Button Missing

Once it comes to Youtube CC button missing, you should check out Youtube settings and apply changes if necessary. In the case that the issue persists, it is wise to contact the video creator, reach out to Youtube support and so on. You know little about how things work on Youtube? Then spare a bit … Read more

How To Remove Samsung Themes S8

With different people having different preferences, the Samsung community is often at odds about the best theme for Galaxy S8. Fortunately, S8 allows users to change themes as they see fit at a moment’s notice so everyone would be able to personalize their device. That being said, for those that know little about settings on … Read more

Galaxy Essentials Network Unavailable

Once it comes to downloading applications, owners of Samsung devices nowadays have options but many opt to use Galaxy Essentials. Being a collection of specially chosen applications from Samsung Apps, Galaxy Essentials lets people download premium content at no cost. Normally, Samsung users should be able to access Galaxy Essentials and proceed to choose what … Read more

Samsung TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

If your Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, bugs must be the cause and you should restart the device at once. Additionally, you could update the TV software and firmware, change the position of the router, disable guest networking, get in touch with Internet Service Provider (ISP), … Continue reading to get back Internet access … Read more

PdaNet Failed To Activate Hotspot

For owners of Android phones that frequently need to share Internet connections, PdaNet is a useful app to keep around. Using PdaNet, people would be able to turn their phones into hotspots that devices in the surrounding could connect to at any time they like. Usually, Android users only need to go through a few … Read more

My Phone Goes Straight To Voicemail Samsung

Similar to their contemporaries, modern Samsung phones allow people to set up voicemail and then redirect incoming calls to it. In most cases, owners of Samsung devices use voicemail to leave messages for contacts that try to reach them when they happen to be unavailable. However, a number of Samsung users notice that calls get … Read more