Droid Turbo Speaker Blown

The Droid Turbo is a smartphone with impressive features such as a shatterproof screen. However, many users have complained of a blown speaker. This occurs when you only get to hear little sounds during calls, even when the volume is at its maximum. While playing audios and videos, the speaker works just fine. If you … Read more

Words with Friends Notifications Won’t Go Away

Words with Friends notifications annoy a lot of Android users and to tackle that, all you have to do is to tweak the phone’s notifications settings. New to Android and have no idea how to change the settings on your own? Then this article is for you. For Android Users: If you are an Android … Read more

Droid Turbo 2 Screen Flickering

The newly released Droid Turbo 2 differs from the previous Verizon mobiles. That is because it has more features which include a large battery and shatterproof screen. However, some users have complained that the Droid Turbo 2 screen flickers. If you are reading this article, it means you are experiencing this problem too. Screen flickering … Read more

Logger Buffer Size Android Meaning

The logger buffer size is an Android device feature. It is the time needed to analyze the sound going into your device. It helps to customize the processing speed of your sound card. To change the buffer size, you need to go to the developer’s option and select your preference from the “Logger buffer size … Read more

LG G4 Swipe to Answer

Placing, receiving, and answering calls with the LG G4 is very easy. If you are finding it hard to make and answer calls, then follow the steps below. Place a call: Step 1: From the home screen, touch the “Phone” icon to make a call. Step 2: Dial the desired number and touch the “Call” … Read more

I Can’t See My Friend’s Day On Messenger

Once it comes to issues that involve Friend’s Day on Messenger, you should log out of your account then log back in. Another possibility is you being blocked by that person and there is nothing you can do except waiting to be unblocked. Spare a bit of your time to check out this article and … Read more

Can I Install TWRP over CWM?

An analogue of the ClockworkMod (CWM) is the TeamWin Recovery (TWRP). The TWRP has a more spontaneous touch-interface and extra features. Most devices install CWM or TWRP in place of stock recovery. Yes, you can install TWRP over CWM. All you need to do is visit https://twrp.me/Devices/  to download the current version for your smartphone … Read more

This Type Of File Can Harm Your Device Android

If you see the aforementioned anytime you try side-loading an APK file, don’t be confused. Your browser is only trying to let you know that the file is not from a trusted source and can harm your device. This is because the app is not gotten from the Google Play store, but packaged in a … Read more

Google Checking Info Loop

During the sign-in process for Google accounts, Google “checking info” loop is one of the issues that could appear and to fix that, you must restart the device. Other solutions include clearing cached data, setting the time zone to automatic, removing and re-adding the accounts, uninstalling and reinstalling updates, …. Read to the end to … Read more

Turn In Radio Troubleshooting

If your car radio refuses to work properly, there are many reasons for this problem. The problems can range from the car radio is too old or installation issues. However, you can try to determine the cause of your problem and see if you can fix it yourself. This will save you the stress of … Read more