Samsung/Android Screen Timeout Keeps Resetting: What You Must Try Out

As screen timeout affects battery life and user experience, it’s one of the most customized settings on Android devices. Normally, Android users could change the screen timeout of their devices between 15 seconds and 30 minutes. Nevertheless, people sometimes report a rather odd error: no matter how many times it’s changed, Android screen timeout keeps … Read more

Apps Won’t Run Unless You Update Google Play Services

Regarding “Apps won’t run unless you update Google Play Services”,  it’s highly likely that your phone is glitching out and restart is the best solution. Besides that, it’s wise to clear cached data, disable/enable Google Play Services and so on. Read to the end to learn what must be done to get rid of the … Read more

How To Move An App Out Of A Folder On Android

The folder is an important feature in every operating system. It allows you to store data or manage apps. On Android phones, you may have numerous apps. It won’t be easy to access an app on your home screen. The best option is for you to arrange the apps in a folder. Apps can be … Read more

Swipe Lock Screen Disabled By Administrator

Regarding lock screen, it’s all about taste and style but a lot of owners of Android devices opt to use the swipe lock screen. On Android, it’s possible to change between lock screen types at any time and the changing process proceeds smoothly in most cases as well. That being said, now and then, an … Read more

How to Return Sprint Airave

The Airave is a base station used for personal purposes. Also, it provides you with 3G mobile broadband coverage for your sprint devices. These devices may include phones, hot spots, tablets, etc. It costs only $99.99 to buy an Airave. An additional service cost of $4.99 a month also applies. However, if you buy a … Read more

Connect Gears to Non-Samsung Phone

Is it possible to connect gear with a non-Samsung phone? That must be the question you asked when you purchased Samsung sports gear. Yes, it is possible to connect the gear with other Android phones. Not just android phones, but even iOS devices. Just make sure your device is compatible with a gear. You may … Read more

How to Change Text Message Background On Galaxy S8 After Upload

The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone was launched in April 2017. Among all the wonderful features that come with this smartphone, one stands out. In fact, this device has a feature that allows you to customize the background of your text messaging app. Sound’s nice, right? Especially if you are tired of the white background on … Read more

Samsung Gear Sport Not Counting Steps

If you notice Samsung Gear Sport not counting steps, it is possible that you have not set up your tracking properly and you should verify your step count data source. Other solutions include configuring Workout Detection, sending a diagnostic report, checking for software updates, etc. Spare a bit of your time to check out this … Read more

How to Connect Belkin Keyboard to Samsung Tablet

Belkin manufacturer keyboards for home and business use. More so, these keyboards are usually multipurpose and highly functional. Apart from that, it helps you to type faster. Especially in your emails, word processing, and messaging. The keyboard works as soon as you pair it with your Samsung tablet via Bluetooth connection. Follow the steps below … Read more