Google Maps CPU Usage: Overviews

Once it comes to the web mapping services nowaday, Google Maps is widely considered to be among the leading names. From aerial photographs to street views, Google Maps is able to provide people with all kinds of details which makes it ideal for various applications. Still, while Google Maps is undoubtedly convenient, many of its … Read more

PUBG Can’t Hear Footsteps: What Could You Do

For most of the time, PUBG can’t hear footsteps is an issue caused by the volume and the best solution is to increase the volume. Aside from that, it’s wise to pick up a new headset, install programs for sound normalization, etc. Continue reading to be able to hear footsteps and increase your odds of … Read more

Android “Sent” Vs. “Delivered”: Differences

Generally speaking, on devices that use the Android operating system, notifications tend to be self-explanatory and easy to follow. That being said, from time to time, users of Android devices still come across words and phrases that cause confusion. One of such instances is receiving “Sent” and  “Delivered” notifications in succession while sending messages. Android … Read more

Cannot Make Outgoing Calls Android: Suggestions

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Spotify Says I’m Offline – Why?

Despite its popularity, Spotify receives a lot of complaints from users and “Spotify says I’m offline” is a common topic. Usually, Internet connection is the cause for the issue and you should check out the network as well as firewall settings. If the issue persists, you should disable Offline mode, make exceptions, clear cache/data, reinstall … Read more

Unable to Capture Screenshot. Prevented by Security Policy – Samsung

If you come across the “Unable to Capture Screenshot. Prevented by Security Policy” message, app restriction is usually the one responsible and you should update security policy. Aldo, you should exit incognito mode, project smartphone display to another phone, … You have a hard time capturing screenshots on your Android device? In that case, this … Read more

GroupMe Notifications Not Working

GroupMe notifications not working is an issue that could be caused by many issues and the best fix is to secure a stable Wi-Fi network. Also, you may want to turn on notifications in the phone settings, disable battery optimization, switch off DND (Do Not Disturb), disable data saver and so on. New to Android … Read more

Android USB Options Not Showing

Android USB options not showing is an error caused by loose connection and to resolve that, you should plug and unplug the cable. If the issue persists, you should consider restarting the device, changing the USB cable, apply changes in Developer Options, disabling USB Debugging, etc. Spare some time to read this article and put … Read more

Android Studio Center Text – Simple Steps to Set the Right Alignment

Sometimes, you can see Android apps with messy text displays. You can align the texts to a certain fashion, but it’s a bit challenging. Fortunately, Android Studio center text in a way that is very convenient for developers. There are different ways to align text —center, vertical, horizontal, center_vertical, center_horizontal, and so much more. It’s … Read more