Why Is My Phone Sending Chinese Texts

Nowadays, once it comes to staying in touch, phone owners have a wide range of options but regarding utility, texting remains the number one choice. Via text messages, people could convey all sorts of things with each other at will. That being said, while texting is a reliable method of communication, it’s far from perfect … Read more

Up And Down Arrow Symbol On Phone

Since Android uses all sorts of symbols, it’s only natural for new Android users to be puzzled about the meaning of some such as up and down arrows. You come across the up and down arrow symbols on your Android phone every now and then but don’t know what they mean? In that case, you … Read more

Uconnect Phonebook Not Syncing: Analyses

The error “Uconnect phonebook not syncing” is usually the result of obsolescence, incompatibility, hiccups, Bluetooth and permission settings. To resolve the error, you have to restart the app, update the app to the latest version and take a look at Bluetooth. Depending on the situation, you may want to go shopping for a new phone. … Read more

Utorrent Failed To Save File Android

Nowadays, once it comes to sharing particularly large files, quite a few options exist but regarding utility, BitTorrent is second to none by all accounts. From video clips to audio files, Bittorrent allows the users to transfer a wide range of things with relative ease. That being said, while downloading with BitTorrent is a simple … Read more

Not Receiving Texts Without WiFi Android

Usually, not receiving texts without wifi Android is one of the consequences of bugs and you may want to restart the device. In the case that the issue persists, you should proceed to clear the cache, update Android to the latest version,  reset Network settings and perform a factory reset. New to Android and don’t … Read more

No Data Service Temporarily Not Offered

When people want to connect their phones to the Internet, they have various options but for on-the-go devices, cellular data is the best. With cellular data, phone users could access the Internet as they move around which helps with navigation, communication and more. In most of the cases, after subscribing to data plans on their … Read more

Samsung Private Mode Forgot Password

For most owners of Samsung phones that don’t like others to see what they keep on their devices, Private Mode is a fantastic feature. Using Private Mode, people could hide pictures, clips, recordings, …from prying eyes with relative ease. In order to access contents hidden by Private Mode, Samsung users must enter a password that … Read more

“No Supported Application For This NFC Tag” Notification

On modern-day devices, notifications tend to be self-explanatory so most people would grasp their meaning without much difficulty. That being said, phone users still have a hard time understanding a number of notifications and why they turn up. One prime example is the “no supported application for this NFC tag” notification which may refuse to … Read more

Incoming Text Messages Show Wrong Time

In the case that incoming text messages show wrong time, there must have been a syncing issue and all you have to do is to restart your device. If the issue persists, feel free to change the date and time setting, clear cached data, install SMS time fix and perform a factory reset. You know … Read more