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“What Does OBJ Mean on Facebook?” – Solution.

It is common to see the symbol OBJ on the social media website Facebook. Leading to questions like what does OBJ mean on Facebook? This  article will carefully discuss the origin, meaning and the solution to its presence


With its inception in 2004, Facebook has grown to be a multibillionaire project. One of the most visited sites and apps alike, making his owner Mark Zuckerberg one of the richest in the world.

Facebook is an online social networking site that is used in sending pictures, videos. It has been linked to text messengers such as WhatsApp and Messenger among those that are your friends. Not much needs to be said about their basis of operation. Since over 1 billion users familiar with itS basics in the sending of pictures


Unicode are characters made up of unique numbers with properties in 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit made by the Unicode Consortium. For technological geeks, this might be a handful. Still, we believe technological geeks should not be here looking for answers into Unicode. Therefore, the term will be explained in the simplest form. This means that you can understand Unicode without the use of many terms familiar to the coding language.

In Unicode, numbers, and alphabetical characters such as notations, symbols are given a code point. For example, the letter “A” from the English alphabet is given the code point U+0041. Therefore, you can simply use code points to represent your letter. For example, in English Unicode, the word “Computer” will be written as U+0043 U+006F U+006D U+0070 U+0075 U+0074 U+0065 U+0072.

Even space bar has a code representation with “Computer Hope” written as U+0043 U+006F U+006D U+0070 U+0075 U+0074 U+0065 U+0072 U+00A0 U+0048 U+006F U+0070 U+0065.

There are many types of Unicode, and an example is UTF-8. The 8 symbolizes that the Unicode is an 8-bit encoding, which is mostly used in the Linux operating environment.


There are billions of computer systems in the world today. Yet, it won’t surprise you that your computer can see things the same as other computers.

This action is based on the Unicode because characters were encoded in such that computers see the same thing. If custom code is used, a computer might see it as “A,” while another will see it as “Z.”

There are three forms of codes in the Unicode previously highlighted, which are:

  • UTF-8: In the computer world, 1 byte is 8 bits, and this is a way for you to understand the concept of encoding in the Unicode way. Therefore, because UTF-8 is 8 bits, it only uses one byte to encode English characters (1byte = 8 bits). It is the most widely used form in the mailing system and web services
  • UTF-16: UTF-16 is two 8 bits; it only uses two bytes to encode English characters (1byte = 8 bits). However, when needed further encoding can be done to represent additional characters with a pair of 16-bit numbers
  • UTF-32: UTF-32 is four 8 bits; it only uses four bytes to encode English characters (1byte = 8 bits).

To further grab the concept of coding in the Unicode, there is a term known as code points that must be understood. A code point is the value of a character written as a hexadecimal number with a prefix of U+.

Each English character has its code point, even irrespective of whether it is uppercase or lower case. Therefore, while “A” has a code point of U+0041, its lower case “a” has a code point U+0061. Since every code begins with “0”, the first “0” is known as the Basic Multilingual Plane.

Currently, Unicode has about 143,659 characters and still covers above 100 modern and historical scripts. It supports English, Latin, Cyrillic, Armenian, Georgian, and Chinese.


You already understand the concept of the Unicode and the Basic Multilingual Plane. The Special is made of 16 code points that occur at the very end of the Basic Multilingual Plane. Since its version 3.0, Unicode has assigned five of these code points. The five code points are:



It is common to see much information depicted in the form of OBJ on Facebook. However, it must be understood that OBJ only deals with texts.

Therefore, seen any error that is not based on the text should not be regarded as the OBJ. OBJ error is the depiction of the sign  where a text should be due to the inability of the application or web to process such text. It is seen, for example, as the picture added below.

Facebook showing  shows can be of many forms. For example, it can be that the text has been corrupted, the site is having issues, or your system has an error. Just know that the two replacement characters ( and �) are only seen when something is not right.

OBJ error is not only found on Facebook. It can be seen on many other applications via any operating system. Many people say that the error was first known and thereby caused by iOS devices. However, this has not been proven anywhere to be true.


If the error only occurred once, it is nothing to worry about. However, if it is a constant thing, it might be due to your system, Facebook itself.

A solution is to find another application to access Facebook. Facebook is supported both on many platforms via many methods, if you notice the problem on the application, use the web and vice versa.

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