SOLVED! “No Supported Application For This NFC Tag” Notification

On modern-day devices, notifications tend to be self-explanatory so most people would grasp their meaning without much difficulty. That being said, phone users still have a hard time understanding a number of notifications and why they turn up. One prime example is the “no supported application for this NFC tag” notification which may refuse to disappear even after an extended period of time. Needless to say, there is nothing as frustrating as a notification that keeps popping up and getting in the way.

Annoyed by the NFC notification but unable to dismiss it? In that case, this article is exactly what you need. Down below, you could learn virtually everything about NFC as well as the reason behind the persisting appearance of the NFC notification on your phone.

NFC: What Is It Anyway? 

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NFC is short for Near Field Communication which is one of the standard protocols for data transfer between devices in close proximity with each other. Being an advanced version of RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), NFC allows contactless interactions within a distance of around four centimeters. From making payments to sharing information, NFC features a wide range of applications and plenty of phones nowadays include it. In fact, there is a chance you may have been using NFC in your daily life for quite some time.

Why Do Phones Display The NFC Notification? 

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Notifications show up on devices for an assortment of causes. Still, regarding the appearance of the “no supported application for this NFC tag” notification, you must consider the following possibilities


In the course of operation, phones would run into minor bugs that affect a couple of their functions including NFC. Luckily, bugs like that should eventually resolve by themselves and people could swiftly get rid of them too if necessary.


Naturally, if the “no supported application for this NFC tag” notification pops up out of the blue, NFC is on the list of the suspects. The moment phone users take care of the issue with NFC, the NFC notification should stop appearing on the device.

Dissiming The NFC Notification: Guidances 

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Different people often take different courses of action when they see the “no supported application for this NFC tag” notification. But if you wish to get rid of the NFC notification as fast as possible, it’s strongly recommended that you try out these methods

  • Restart: The “turn it off and on again” trick sounds simple but it still excels at dealing with minor bugs. As a result, in the case that you have trouble with persisting notifications including that from NFC, restart your phone. To avoid damaging the hardware, it’s widely advised that you don’t turn the device off and on too many times in quick succession. The rule of thumb here is to let your phone be for at least a minute after turning it off before turning it back on.
  • Remove items with NFC tag: Devices that have NFC could scan items with NFC tag but they must be registered. If your phone comes into contact with unregistered items that have NFC tag, it would display the “no supported application for this NFC tag” notification. In order to remedy that, you should proceed to remove items with NFC tag from the vicinity of your phone. A lot of people have a habit of keeping all sorts of cards in their phones case and that triggers the NFC notification on occasions.
  • Turn off NFC functionality: Have no need for NFC currently? Then it’s a good idea to turn off NFC functionality for the time being. Go to Settings, select Connection and look for NFC. Once you see the NFC setting, disable it and the NFC notification would go away without fail.

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