SOLVED! - What is Network Security Key for Samsung Hotspot and How to Set It?

Access to internet connection is now made easier with mobile data and hotspot/tethering. For as long as you have enough data allocation in your mobile plan or you have enough credits to access the internet, you can turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi router. Like your wireless connection, you can increase the security of your mobile hotspot, so it’s difficult for others to use it without your permission. This article will explain what is network security key for Samsung hotspot and how to set it.

Why Samsung? The Korean phone manufacturer has billions of Android phones sold worldwide, so it’s not surprising that many Samsung users ask about it. Therefore, this article will guide you through hotspot settings on Samsung phones.

What is Network Security Key?

Network Security key simply means the Wi-Fi password or the digital signature of the internet connection that you’re trying to establish. No unauthorized person can connect to your mobile hotspot unless he/she knows the network security key. This means a more secure connection and protects the network from unwanted access.

Like your Wi-Fi password, make sure that the network security key that you’ll have is hard to guess (though harder to memorize) to prevent hackers and the like. Setting the network security key in your mobile hotspot isn’t just true for Samsung devices, but for all. Adding a password to your connection isn’t obligatory, but it’s highly recommended.

Different Types of Network Security Keys

Security should be your priority. Therefore, you should know how to make your mobile internet connection more secure. For those who don’t know anything about wireless connections, perhaps you are confused between WEP and WPA/WPA2. These two will be further differentiated below.


WEP key is a security code for Wi-Fi-enabled devices. It’s usually a sequence of alphanumeric characters which could be 10, 26, or 58 characters long. This kind of network security key allows devices (on the network) to exchange messages and blocks potential hackers or intruders. Unfortunately, it’s still found to be easily cracked, hence, your network is still open to hackers.


A more secure network key is WPA and WPA2. This can be a password or passphrase depending on how you set it. Usually, this is what you see in a Wi-Fi router at home. Select WPA2 to get an even more secure version of WPA. Aside from added security, it’s faster and more advanced as it uses AES algorithm. WPA2 is also recommended for businesses.

Now that you know the importance of a network security key and the types you can choose from, it’s time to know where you can set it.

How to Add Network Security Key for Samsung Hotspot?

Setting up a mobile hotspot is as easy as one, two, three. Of course, if you aren’t that techie, you might not know it right away. However, the process is very easy – not only for Samsung phones but for all smartphones, even on iPhones and iPads.

Mobile hotspot works well if you have a strong mobile data connection. Hotspot depends on where you’re accessing the internet from.

1. Turn on Mobile Data

You can go to the notification tray/quick Settings panel and tap mobile data. You can do this by dragging down from the top of your phone going down or bottom, up. Alternatively, you can go to Settings>Connections>Data Usage. Then, tap Mobile data to toggle it on. Since the path differs from one model to the other, you can also use the search bar of the Settings to land directly to the Mobile data section.

2. Activate Mobile Hotspot

Once you have established a good internet connection, activate mobile hotspot. You can easily do it by pulling down the quick Settings panel. Find Mobile Hotspot and tap on it. An icon will be displayed on the status bar.

Instead, you can also go to Settings>Connections>Mobile Hotspot and Tethering, then turn Mobile Hotspot on. This will give you the same result as the previous process.

3. Set Network Security Key

If the network connection is ‘open,’ this means, you can automatically connect to the network you established. However, other people can also connect to it, so it’s time to configure the network security key.

Go to Settings>Connections>Mobile Hotspot and Tethering. If you can find More or three dots to pull up additional settings until you see the Configure Mobile Hotspot option. Here, you can see and change the name of the mobile network you are establishing as well as the password or the network security key. Depending on the make and model, some phones generate a default network security key, while others default to open so anyone can automatically connect to the network.

After you set the SSID, which is the name of the network, and the password, go to Security dropdown. Here, you can see None (or Open), WPA, WPA2, and so on. Once you set these three, you have now a secure mobile hotspot. You can connect to your newly established network by turning on Wi-Fi and connect as you normally do.

The Final Say

Network security key on Samsung hotspot makes internet access more secure and reliable. You can set it up in your phone’s settings. Whether you are using Samsung mobile phone or other brands, even the iPhone, it’s very easy to set it up. Just follow the simple instructions presented in this article to secure your internet connection. No hackers, no unwanted access, just secure internet connection wherever you may be.