SOLVED! - My Phone Screen Is Turning Purple

Among reports regarding issues with the screen of mobile devices, “my phone screen is turning purple” tends to be one of the most common ones. In the beginning, only small purple dots could be seen but over time, the dots expand into large patches and sizable portions of the phone screen would eventually be covered. Needless to say, using phones with screens partially submerged in a purple shade is by all accounts inconvenient and frustrating.

Also having a purple screen trouble and really want to put an end to that? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could tell you everything you need to know about screen turning purple from what makes it take place to methods to address it.

Potential Causes Of Purple Screen

Generally, if your phone screen turns purple all of a sudden then something must have gone wrong with one of two things: software and hardware.

  • Software: Critical errors to the software of phones could lead to disruption in a wide range of functions and purple screen is a possible outcome. Usually, if the phone screen turns purple because of software errors, people don’t have to spend much effort to get it back to normal.
  • Hardware: A nasty fall is enough to damage the delicate hardware of the phone and make its screen turn purple. In the case that the screen turns purple as a result of hardware issues, it’s necessary to repair or replace damaged parts which likely incur a couple of expenses.

Tacking The Purple Screen: What Need To Be Done

Once it comes to resolving purple screen, most phone owners nowadays tend to use these:

  • Restart the devices: Upon restart, the phone system would be restored and errors should disappear. That is sometimes enough to settle the issue of  “my phone screen is turning purple”.
  • Remove overclock settings: Overclocking devices changes the multiplier, voltage and clock rate of hardware which generates a lot of heat. As a result, by removing the overclock setting, the load on the GPU is going to drop and improve the status of the phone screen.
  • Update operating system to the newest version: Occasionally, incompatibility between the operating system and installed applications cause the screen of devices to steadily turn purple. When that happens, all people need to do is to take a look at available updates for the operating system and install the latest version.
  • Download repair applications: Various purpose-design repair applications could be downloaded and used to fix software issues on mobile devices. Many of such applications happen to be free so you don’t have to spend a cent to use them. Notable repair applications include iMyFone Fixppo, ReiBoot and so on.
  • Factory reset: If the phone screen remains purple no matter what then the only viable choice left is to reset the devices to factory settings. That would revert devices back to the original state and erase pretty much all errors. Needless to say, it’s important to back up all essential data stored in the devices before a factory reset.

Keeping Devices Protected

While using your phone, you would likely come into an assortment of issues but if you take some precaution, you could minimize the odd of your phone screen turning purple. First, you should consider keeping at least a repair application on your phone and use it to fine-tune the system from time to time to get rid of errors. In addition, it’s a good idea to purchase a protective case for your phone. With a case, your phone could endure moderate physical impacts without sustaining damages to hardware.