SOLVED! Mobile Hotspot Connected but No Internet Android

The internet connects us. We become aware of the latest trend, new inventions and even the latest news around the world because we can connect our mobile phones to the internet. Unlike before, it’s now very easy to have mobile data and even mobile hotspot to connect other devices. This article will discuss one of the show-stopping issues on your mobile phone — mobile hotspot connected but no internet.

Android phone makes life easier. Aside from its affordability, availability, and ease of use, it has tons of other features. One of them is the ability to easily connect to the internet via mobile data and the capacity to share it to your computer/laptop or other mobile phones nearby. This is called a mobile hotspot and it has been very common to everyone.

What is Mobile Hotspot?

Two types of devices offer mobile hotspot — your mobile phone and a standalone portable hotspot. The latter is a typical way to get a Wi-Fi connection anywhere, so we are more interested to discuss the former — from your mobile phone.

Most of the mobile phones in the market today can become a Wi-Fi source. You just need to be aware of two things — mobile hotspot works when there’s a sufficient cellular signal and when your carrier allows the service. Even though your plan didn’t include a mobile hotspot, you can still share your internet connection — at an additional cost.

In most cases, sufficient signal means you need to tap into 3G or 4G cellular networks. Once you are sure of a strong mobile data connection, you can simply enable this feature in your Android mobile and you’re good to go. Mobile hotspots can function like your Wi-Fi router, but you can also connect via Bluetooth or USB cable.

Mobile Hotspot Connected but No Internet

Android mobile users may encounter this problem for different reasons. This error means that you have successfully connected to the internet (correct credentials), but there is something that prevents you from accessing the internet.
If you have already established successful connections previously, then, it could be a problem of the cellular signal itself. If the cellular network is good and stable, check if you still have mobile data credits — especially if you are on a plan. Of course, there’s no internet if you don’t have enough credits for data connection.

Or, it could be that you’re too far from your internet source. Even though the internet bars may seem full and strong, but if the cellular data isn’t that stable, chances are you need to draw nearer.

Sometimes, the problem is a bit simple. You may have a good cellular signal and enough credits on your data plan, but you fail to activate the Mobile Hotspot. This may seem simple, but more often than not, this is the common reason for the issue on “mobile hotspot connected, but no internet.” Android phones vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Likewise, setting up the mobile hotspot also differs.

Setup Mobile Hotspot the Right Way

It’s very important to start things the right way. Even if you have established a good internet connection before and you encounter this problem now, check if you have made the right setup. As mentioned, Android mobile’s settings vary per manufacturer. But, even so, somehow, the following procedure will give you an idea of how to set up a mobile hotspot in your Android mobile.

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings.
  2. Tap Network & Internet (or the option like Connection or Connectivity).
  3. Tap the Hotspot & Tethering, then you can find the Setup Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  4. Create the name and password of your hotspot.
  5. Save and go back to the Hotspot & Tethering screen.
  6. Toggle the switch on to activate the mobile hotspot.

The mobile hotspot you just created will make your phone a wireless router and it should now be discoverable when you turn the Wi-Fi on from your laptop or other phones. Likewise, you can also set up a mobile hotspot by using the search bar in the Settings. The next time, you can simply activate the mobile hotspot through the shortcut icons in the notifications drawer.

Proven Solution and Quick Fixes

If you are assured that you have successfully set up your mobile hotspot, yet you still don’t get access to the internet connection, here are a few proven solutions that you can try.

Activate Mobile Hotspot

For some reason, some people forget to turn on the Mobile Hotspot on their phones. They have tethered the connection, but they didn’t turn the mobile hotspot on. Of course, this will give you a connected status, yet no internet connection.

Check the Mobile Data Strength

Even if you have 4G connection, you should try on your phone first whether the signal is favorably strong. If you can surf and play videos without a problem, then, the network signal shouldn’t be the issue.

Check Your Mobile Data Credits

Even if you have an unlimited data plan, unlike your text and call subscription, mobile data usually have a cap. Check with your network provider or if you can check the remaining credits, see if you have enough. Especially if you are using the mobile data often, it could be because you’re running out of mobile data credits. Coordinate with your network carrier, perhaps there’s some maintenance going on and other possible issues.

Refresh the Internet Connection

When the first two solutions can’t help you, refresh the connection. There are different ways to refresh it. Try activating the Airplane mode through the status bar (you can see the airplane icon). Then, deactivate it by tapping it again. This will refresh your internet connection.

You can restart your phone and the device you connected with. This will somehow re-establish your internet connection.

Lastly, try to disconnect (and Forget the Network). You can easily do this whether you are trying to connect your phone or computer. Just hit the Forget button and it’ll erase the credentials of your Wi-Fi. Reconnect by entering the password of your mobile hotspot again. This is a big help for most people who had this problem.

Enter Static IP Address

When you connect to your mobile data, you’ll get dynamic IP which changes from time to time. You can set a static IP by following these simple steps:

  1. Open Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi network. Long press to activate the Advanced Settings.
  3. Tap Modify Network.
  4. Change IP from DHCP to Static.
  5. Now assign the IP Address 192.168.1.*** (Add any number from 1 to 225 at ***)
  6. Save the changes. This should give you more stable access.

The Final Say

Without the need to buy a portable Wi-Fi router, you can now share your mobile data with your computer/laptop and other mobile via mobile hotspot. It’s simple, easy to set up and it’s provided by most network providers around the world. So, if you want to access the internet, you don’t need to go to an internet café, you simply activate your mobile data, tether it and your friends can enjoy a hassle-free internet connection.

Yet, most times, many have a problem with mobile hotspot connected but no internet on Android mobiles. So, we try to dig deeper into the possible reasons and solutions to this problem. We also provide you the right way to set up your mobile hotspot because it is also the culprit sometimes. The solutions we laid above should help you to stay connected with just your mobile hotspot.