SOLVED! Microsoft Arc Mouse Not Working – What Should I Do

Nowadays, in terms of computer mouses, few could outperform Microsoft Arc Mouse once it comes to handling characteristics. Featuring a slim and sleek design, Microsoft Arc Mouse is by all accounts a breeze to use in multiple settings. However, similar to its contemporaries, Microsoft Arc Mouse may act up out of the blue. If you also notice your Microsoft Arc Mouse not working and have no idea what’s going on, check out this article.

A List Of Suspects


Mouse is one of the peripherals of computers and when peripherals don’t work, driver is the number one suspect. If its driver is outdated, corrupted and so on, Microsoft Arc Mouse should have a hard time working as expected.


For your information, Microsoft Arc Mouse connects to computers via Bluetooth. Assuming that you manage to nail the pairing process and your computer could maintain Bluetooth connection, Microsoft Arc Mouse usually performs satisfactorily. Otherwise, there is a good chance that Microsoft Arc Mouse would go haywire in the course of operation.

USB Port

One explanation for Microsoft Arc Mouse not working is that the USB port where the mouse transceiver is connected to is malfunctioning. If the port is not in working order, the transceiver should be rendered useless.


Since the Microsoft Arc Mouse is a wireless model, it depends on battery power to run. Unable to get Microsoft Arc Mouse to work on your PC? Then you need to give batteries some thought.

Power Management Settings

Certain power management settings of the computers could turn off devices to save power. Needless to say, if your PC turns off Microsoft Arc Mouse, it’s unable to respond.

A Few Fixes

Run Troubleshooter

In the beginning, it’s a good idea to take advantage of Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter. It is a built-in Windows utility that could identify and fix any hardware-related issues.

  • Step 1. Type “cmd.exe” into the Search bar.
  • Step 2. Right-click Command Prompt and pick Run as administrator.
  • Step 3. Run the command below in Command Prompt (Admin):
    msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic
  • Step 4. Click Next on the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter.
  • Step 5. Wait for the process to complete and reboot your pc.

Take Driver Into Account

Every time devices experience issues, you must consider updating their drivers. Driver updates include bug fixes as well as performance optimizations. Thus, by updating the driver, you could get rid of a lot of problems.

  • Step 1. Go to Search bar, type Device Manager and hit Enter.
  • Step 2. Expand “Mice and other pointing devices” category.
  • Step 3. Right-click the Microsoft Arc Mouse then pick Update driver.
  • Step 4. Choose “Search automatically for drivers”.
  • Step 5. Wait for the process to wrap up.

In the case that no driver update is available or updating the driver fails to fix the issue, uninstall and reinstall the driver.

  • Step 1. Make your way to Microsoft Arc Mouse in Device Manager.
  • Step 2. Right-click it then choose “Uninstall device”. Afterward, check the checkbox next to Delete the driver software for this device before hitting OK.
  • Step 3. Reboot your computer.

Think About Bluetooth

You suspect that Bluetooth is the root cause? Then you should try out these measures:

Remove and re-pair

  • Step 1. Press Windows key + I to open Settings.
  • Step 2. Go to Devices > Bluetooth & Other Devices.
  • Step 3. Click “Microsoft Arc Mouse” and then pick “Remove device”.
  • Step 4. At the top of the window, click Add Bluetooth or Other Device > Bluetooth.
  • Step 5. Select “Microsoft Arc Mouse” and choose “Pair”.

Force shutdown your mouse

  • Step 1. Press and hold the Power button for 20-30 seconds and release it.
  • Step 2. Press and hold both the power and the volume up button for 15 seconds before releasing.
  • Step 3. Wait for 10 seconds.
  • Step 4. Boot up the device.

Run Bluetooth troubleshooter

  • Step 1. Press Windows key + I to open Settings.
  • Step 2. Go to Update & Security > Troubleshoot.
  • Step 3. Select “Additional troubleshooters”.
  • Step 4. Hit Bluetooth under “Find and fix other problems”.
  • Step 5. Choose “Run the troubleshooter” and follow the steps.

Turn Airplane mode on and off

  • Step 1. Open Action Center by hitting Windows key + A.
  • Step 2. Click Airplane Mode to turn it on.
  • Step 3. Wait for 15-20 seconds.
  • Step 4. Hit Airplane Mode again to turn it off.

Change To Another Port

There might be a problem with the current USB port used by the mouse’s transceiver. Thus, you may want to unplug the transceiver, move it to another USB port and see how things turn out. If the Microsoft Arc Mouse works following the port change, you could say that the original is due for repair.

Take A Look At Batteries

If its batteries run out, it’s only natural that Microsoft Arc Mouse won’t work. As a result, it’s strongly recommended that you replace the batteries.

Apply Changes To Power Management Settings

  • Step 1. Go to Search bar, type Device Manager and hit Enter.
  • Step 2. Expand “Mice and other pointing devices” category.
  • Step 3. Right-click the Microsoft Arc Mouse then pick Properties.
  • Step 4. In Power Management tab, make sure the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” checkbox is unchecked.
  • Step 5. Hit OK and reboot your computer.

What Are The Minimum System Requirements For Microsoft Arc Mouse To Work?

Being a recent model, Microsoft Arc Mouse only works with computers that have Windows 10 and Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility. It won’t hurt to get in touch with the manufacturer of your PC if you are unaware of the computer’s Bluetooth capabilities.

How Do I Turn On My Windows 10 PC’s Bluetooth?

To turn on Bluetooth, go to Action Center on the taskbar or press Windows key + A. Next, look for the Bluetooth icon and click it to enable Bluetooth. If you can’t locate the Bluetooth icon, click Expand in Action Center.

How Do I Check And Change My Microsoft Arc Mouse’s Batteries?

The Microsoft Arc Mouse uses two AAA batteries. To check your battery level, do the following:

  • Step 1. Type “Bluetooth” into the Search bar.
  • Step 2. Click “Bluetooth & other devices settings”.
  • Step 3. The battery level will now appear next to the mouse for you to check.

To change your batteries:

  • Step 1. Flip the mouse over.
  • Step 2. Press the small tab to open the battery lid.
  • Step 3. Change the batteries.

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