SOLVED! - “Message Not Sent” Notification Won’t Go Away

To many people, sending messages on phones is a straightforward affair and in most cases, it indeed takes place smoothly.  That being said, from time to time, phone users still run into a couple of oddities and the “Message not sent” notification won’t go away is one of them. While basic functions of the phones remain practically unaffected, things could be frustrating with the “Message not sent” notification popping up pretty much every time the Message app is launched.

You are annoyed by the unending notification but have no idea how to put an end to it for good? If that is so, this article is what you need. Down below, you would find fixes that allow you to properly tackle your notification problem.

What You Should Do

  • Adjust the SIM card settings

Particular devices nowadays could be paired with multiple SIM cards and those who own them could decide which card to use for calling and texting. If your phone also happens to contain more than one SIM and the “Message not sent” notification won’t go away, odds are your inactive SIM is set as the default SIM for sending messages. In that case, by adjusting the SIM card settings, you should be able to stop the notification from showing up.

  1. Go to Settings
  2.  Look for Network and tap it
  3. Choose SIM cards
  4. Pick the SIM you want to use for texting
  • Verify the receiver’s number

Needless to say, if you somehow mess up the receiver’s number, your message would never reach its intended destination. In addition, it’s worth pointing out that when you and the one you want to text reside in different counties, you need to take the country code into account.

  • Scan the blocked contact list

Go through the list of blocked contacts on the Message app and see if the receiver’s number is there. In the case that you accidentally block the receiver, proceed to unlock his/her number.

  • Take a look at credit

To text and call with your phone, you need to have an adequate credit balance. Because of that, when you have trouble with sending messages, you should check how much money you have on the SIM you use to text. If necessary, top up the balance of your SIM before attempting to send messages again.

  • Examine the supports of carriers

A number of carriers stop offering support for text messages. Hence, it’s a good idea to drop by the website of your carrier and see what you could do.

  • Reboot the device

Many issues with Message are temporary and would disappear after a reboot. Therefore, if you notice that the “Message not sent” notification won’t go away, you should consider rebooting your device.

  • Factory reset

No matter what you do, the frustrating notification keeps managing to come back? Then a complete factory reset would be your last resort. Following a factory reset, your device would revert to the original settings and all errors should vanish without a trace. Of course, you have to back up all key data prior to a factory reset.

How To Avoid Errors With Message

  • Designate the Message app as the default choice for texting: Owning to individual liking and personal preferences, many phone users install several third-party apps for sending messages and that sometimes leads to texting problems. If you also have a couple of texting apps lying around on your phone then it’s widely advised that you choose Message as the primary app for sending messages.
  • Update the Message app periodically: You could escape countless headaches while using Message by updating it on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for updates and download the latest version as soon as possible.
  • Clear cache now and then: Over time, the cache of Message may become corrupted and create an assortment of troubles. Thus, if you routinely clear its cached data, Message is going to operate as expected.