Mark Text Message As Unread Android: Could It Be Done?

For those that like to take their time when replying to non-important phone messages, the ability to mark messages as unread proves very handy. On most old generation devices, users could apply changes to the status of messages at any time with relative ease. However, on today’s phones including those that run on Android, people have trouble locating the settings that let them mark messages as they want. Unsurprisingly, among the questions surrounding the Android operating system, many share the same topic: mark text message as unread Android

Frustrated by the fact that you can’t seem to mark the messages on your Android phone to your liking? If that is so then this article is going to be of use to you. Down below, you would be provided with pretty much everything that you must keep in mind regarding how to change the message status on Android.

Marking Messages On Android: Rundowns

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Simply put, Android lacks a built-in setting that lets users change status of messages.That means it’s almost impossible for people to mark text messages as unread on Android devices via direct means.

You just want to make trivial messages that you receive distinct so you could send out replies in the future when you have free time? Then it’s suggested that you set them as reminders. All you have to do is to long-press desired texts then choose “Set as reminder” from the popup menu. You could choose the exact date and time that the reminders appear on the screen.

In the case that you still desire the ability to mark text message as unread Android, you have to download message applications from third parties. As a precaution, you should prioritize reputable apps that receive positive reviews from Android users. Steer clear of suspicious applications that ask too many permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Messages On Android 

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How come my phone is unable to send messages?

Many issues from network instability to corrupted data could prevent Android devices from sending messages. Therefore, you must give your phone a thorough inspection if it refuses to deliver messages. Have trouble locating the cause? Then bring your device to customer service and let people over there sort it out.

Is there any meaning behind the color of messages?

In layman’s terms, the color of the messages on Android indicates the sending method. To move messages between Android as well as non-Android phones, service providers nowadays utilize a wide range of methods. Additionally, depending on individual liking, users could also change the color of the message bubble.

Could Android phones receive iMessages?

iMessage is tailored for Apple phones so devices that run on the Android operating system cannot read iMessages by themselves. If you happen to own an Android phone and want to receive iMessages, you have to install third-party applications.

What needs to be done to modify message notifications? 

To adjust notifications for messages on Android, you have to launch Message, go to Menu and select Setting. In there, you should be able to tweak various aspects of message notifications from noise to vibration.

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