SOLVED! Making Bluetooth Headset Announce Caller Name: Could It Be Done?

Making Bluetooth headset announce caller name is the dream of those who want to know the caller identity prior to reaching out to their phones. The process is a straightforward affair that involves little time and effort in most of the cases. Read to the end and learn what must be done.

What You Have To Do  

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Functions and features of Bluetooth headsets may be manipulated using various methods but once it comes to caller ID, you should try out the below

Adjust the setting of headset

In many models, the caller ID announcement is a built-in feature that could be activated at user’s discretion. Hence, if you like to make your Bluetooth headset announce caller name, you should take a look at its setting. To access and apply changes to settings of wireless headsets, it’s usually necessary to pair them with certain applications.

Install a specialized announcing application

So your Bluetooth headset lacks an integrated caller ID announcement? There is no need to worry because you could download a purpose-designed announcing application. Go to app store, search “announce who’s calling” and you would be presented with multiple apps made to provide the identity of the caller

For example, let’s take about “Who’s Calling” which costs nothing to use and take seconds to set up.

  • Step 1: Download  “Who’s Calling”
  • Step 2: Go to Settings, select Accessibility and enable “Who’s Calling”
  • Step 3: Launch the app and adjust its setting to your liking. Originally, the app would send you head-ups for every call and message but you could manually change the notices that you receive.
  • Step 4: Head to Edit Contact, tick Speak contact’s name box and give the number of your contact custom names.
  • Step 5: Back out of the app and test things out

Frequently Asked Questions About Bluetooth Headsets 

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  • What is the range of Bluetooth headsets? 

Working range varies a bit from model to model but it’s best to keep distance between Bluetooth headsets and paired devices under seven feet. To minimize signal interferences, you should keep your Bluetooth headset away from other wireless devices.

  • How long would the battery of wireless headsets last?

Generally speaking, the time it takes for the battery of Bluetooth headsets to deplete is affected by plenty of factors. Assuming that you use your wireless headset in a casual manner, its battery is likely going to last eight hours.

  • Is it necessary to swap batteries of Bluetooth headsets?

Everything eventually breaks down and the same could be said about batteries of wireless headsets. In most cases, it’s impossible to replace dead batteries of Bluetooth headsets but some of the latest allow so.

  • Could I use my wireless headset while it’s being charged? 

For your own good, it’s strongly recommended that you avoid using your Bluetooth headset during recharges. The headset audio performance may suffer over time.

  • My phone is unable to pair with my headset. What should I do?

Lots of things could prevent your phone from pairing with your headset: disabled Bluetooth setting, improper working mode, signal blockages, … So you just have to be thorough and troubleshoot your setup until you get into the bottom of the problem.

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