LG Flex Screen Problems

The LG flex is the first commercially available smartphone to have a curved display. Even though it has unique features and materials, there are also some underlying issues.

The majority of customers complained of screen problems and other faults with the device. Today, you are going to know all the common screen problems associated with this device. The solutions to these problems have also been provided in this article.

Common Screen Problems And Their Solutions

  • Bumps on the screen: Because of its curved display screen, some users believe it could be bent at will. After bending, bumps are generated on the screen when you try to flatten it. Few solutions that can be of help, in this case, are listed below.


Solution 1: Stop bending the phone.

Solution 2: Pressing your finger on the bumps will make them disappear.

Solution 3: The bumps will go off without any assistance. If only you leave the device alone.

  •  Image retention and ghosting: The P-OLED display feature doesn’t work well with the G flex. This causes an old image to take time in fading away. For example, if you switch from a dark image to a light one. You will notice that the dark image takes some time before fading away. There is no long-lasting solution to this problem, but you can consider this solution 

Solution 1: Increase the brightness of your screen.

  • Grainy screen: This device has low resolution and can produce poor quality images. Pictures on the screen tend to look grainy and many customers have made this complaint. There is no permanent solution, but you can try this.

Solution 1: Increase the brightness of the screen to at least 80%. Although this will affect your battery life, the grainy images will reduce.

The problems associated with the screen of the LG flex have been discussed and their solutions. 

What about the other common problems associated with this device? You may likely ask

Don’t fret, you are on your way there. Few common questions have been answered in the next section.

Reasons For Low Battery Life And How To Solve Them

Even after battery replacement, you can notice that your LG flex has battery issues. The causes of these battery problems have been discussed below with their solutions.

  • Too many applications: If your device doesn’t have a high RAM. Don’t install many applications, this causes your device to heat up. In cases where these apps are very important, you can go for their “lite” versions. 
  • A recent update: You can notice that your battery life is draining after a recent update. The best solution is to wipe the phone cache through the recovery mode. Resetting the device is another good solution. 
  • Bright screen and long screen timeout: If your device doesn’t have an automatic brightness adjuster, learn to do so manually. Setting your screen timeout for a long time can also drain the battery life. It is best advised to set it to 15 seconds.
  • Using when charging: Calling or texting when this phone is charging, is a sure way to reduce battery life. Not to forget that it is dangerous to call with a low battery.
  • Turned On options: Some options such as Bluetooth, WiFi, location, and hotspot may be on without your notice. Always check to make sure these options are not turned on.
  • Heavy usage: Using your device for a long time without breaks can also drain battery life. This point applies mostly to people who are heavy gamers or streamers. The RAM becomes overused by these actions and will lead to battery life drainage.

All these reasons and more are the causes of low battery life. The best solution for you is to reset the device. But how do you do it well?

How To Reset the Device

There are two basic ways to reset the Lg G flex device. You can also make use of the factory reset method. All these methods have been discussed with easy steps to guide you.

  • Method 1: Soft Reset. 

Press and hold the power.

Wait for the device to power off.

The phone will automatically restart. This method does not format the user’s data.

  • Method 2: Hard Reset.

Back up any useful data, you may not want to lose.

Tap the “Menu” and then “System settings” on the home screen.

Select “General” then scroll to the “Personal” option.

Select “Backup and Reset” 

Tap “Factory data reset” 

Tap “Reset phone” and then select “Erase everything”

Review the warning that will pop up and then press “OK”

  • Method 3: Factory Reset.

Long press the power button until you get the user menu.

Select “Power off”.

Press and hold the “Power key” and the “Volume key” once the phone is off.

Release only the “Power key” when the Lg logo appears, hold and press it again.

Release all the keys when the hard reset screen shows

Use the “Volume key” to scroll up and down. Touch the “Power key” to confirm.


Despite being an amazing phone with nice features, the LG flex can prove difficult. Especially with its screen and battery life issues. Although you may not experience this problem, knowing the problems and their solutions might just come in handy. 







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