SOLVED! LG Aristo 2 Home Keeps Stopping

If your LG Aristo 2 Home keeps stopping, it’s highly likely that a recent Google update is the root of the problem. To put an end to the issue, you should get rid of the latest Google update as soon as possible. Other solutions include downloading and installing a new Home launcher, switching to Easy Home, performing a factory reset, … Continue reading to be able to get the most out of your LG Aristo 2.

A List Of Solutions

Remove The Latest Google Update

  • Step 1: Open Settings app, select Apps, search for Google Play and choose it. 
  • Step 2: Click the three-dot icon, pick Uninstall Updates and tap OK. 
  • Step 3: Reset your phone. 

Download And Install A New Home Launcher

  • Step 1: Open Google Play Store. 
  • Step 2: Search for a third-party Home launcher such Microsoft Launcher, CM Launcher, etc. Once you find your preferred launcher, press Install.
  • Step 3: Follow on-screen instructions to set up your Home launcher. 

Switch To Easy Home 

  • Step 1: Open Settings, select Display and choose Home screen. 
  • Step 2: Click Select Home, pick Easy Home feature and tap OK. 
  • Step 3: See how things turn out. 

Perform A Factory Reset 

Via Settings 

  • Step 1: Open Settings, click General tab and pick Backup & reset.
  • Step 2: Select Factory data reset then choose Reset Phone.
  • Step 3: Hit Delete all. 

Via buttons 

  • Step 1: Press and hold the Power button then tap Power Off to turn off your phone.
  • Step 2: Press and hold Volume down and the Power buttons at the same time. As soon as the LG logo lights up, release the Power button and press it again. 
  • Step 3: In the Factory data reset confirmation, use Volume buttons to navigate to Yes and press the Power button to confirm. 

Note: It’s strongly recommended that you back up data on your phone before performing the factory reset. Nothing would remain in the memory of the device after the reset finishes. 


How do I update LG Aristo 2? 

  • Step 1: Open Settings app, select System and choose Advanced option.
  • Step 2: Click System update then pick Check for updates.
  • Step 3: Allow the phone to download and install available updates. 

Note: Plug in your phone if an update is in progress. By doing so, you could minimize the odds of interruptions due to low battery. 

What is the best way to back up LG Aristo 2? 

  • Step 1: Open Settings, click General tab and pick Backup & reset.
  • Step 2: Tap Back up my data and toggle on its switch.
  • Step 3: Back out, click Backup account and pick the Google account you want to use for the backup. Return to Settings, select Accounts and sync, choose Google and toggle on switches next to types of data you wish to back up. Last but not least, press the three-dot icon on top and press Sync now. 

What must be done to speed up my LG Aristo 2? 

  • Get rid of non-essential applications, third-party as well as preinstalled. 
  • Transfer media files to the cloud to free up space. 
  • Update Android OS to the latest version. 
  • Restart every now and then. 
  • Create a schedule for malware scans.

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