Declaration is Only Valid at File Scope

App development is fun. With free tools available, it’s very easy to translate your idea into an app. For iOS app development, Xcode is a good platform that lets you develop apps based on Swift — Apple’s powerful programming language. However, one common roadblock that most beginners struggle to get through is when Xcode shows … Read more

Outlook/Hotmail Deleted Emails Keep Coming Back

If your Outlook/Hotmail deleted emails keep coming back, your account settings could be responsible and you should check them out. Aside from that, you may want to clear the cache of the app/browser, switch to IMAP connection, etc. Read to the end to learn what must be done to put an end to the issue. … Read more

Xcode Couldn’t Find Any iOS App Development Provisioning Profiles Matching…

Once it comes to “Xcode couldn’t find any iOS app development provisioning profiles matching…” error, the number one suspect is automatic signing being disabled and the best solution is manual code signing. Besides that, you may want to update Certificates and Provisioning Profiles, generate Provisioning Profiles, download and install the latest version of Xcode, … … Read more

How to Fix Screen Mirroring Lag

If you come across screen mirroring lag, you should check out device compatibility as screen mirroring won’t work well on incompatible devices. Other solutions include clearing cached data, changing the mirroring app, using an HDMI adapter, etc. New to screen mirroring and don’t know what must be done? In that case, you have come to … Read more

How to Make SD Card Default Storage for Play Store

Even though you have a smartphone with limited internal storage, Android mobile allows you to use SD cards. Depending on the manufacturer and how capable your smartphone is, you can use SD cards from 3 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, and so on. Now, if you don’t want to max out your internal storage, how … Read more

MetroPCS Visual Voicemail Not Working

Visual Voicemail feature is very convenient because you can listen to your message or respond to it in just a few steps. Visual Voicemail by MetroPCS offers so much more, which is quite interesting. However, on the flip side, sometimes MetroPCS visual voicemail not working and could really be very annoying. This article goes out … Read more

OK Google While Screen is Off — Tricks to Get the Most Out of It

To answer to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, Google has an Assistant that is as useful as the first two assistants. It’s compatible with almost all Android mobiles, as well as, iOS devices with Google Assistant app. From controlling smart devices, playing music, setting reminders, sending a message, and more, Google Assistant can help you. … Read more

How to Remove Bubbles from Tempered Glass Screen Protector

For those who rely on tempered glass screen protectors to protect their devices, how to remove bubbles from tempered glass screen protectors is a hotly discussed topic. Usually, applying pressure onto the protectors works wonders but cooking oil proves handy at times too. Continue reading to be able to tackle the bubbles that dot the … Read more

Instagram Video Upload Stuck Halfway

A picture paints a thousand words, how much more if you have a video? With social media platforms, it’s now very easy to share content, especially pictures and videos. Instagram, a Facebook-owned photo and video sharing platform, is one of the most downloaded apps today. With millions of users worldwide, Instagram has billions of photos … Read more

Apps Not Working on Wi-Fi but Fine on Mobile Data

When your app is working on Wi-Fi but isn’t working on mobile data, we can understand that because it’s a very common issue. Of course, Wi-Fi connection is stronger and more stable than mobile data. But, what if it’s the other way around — apps not working on Wi-Fi but find on mobile data? What … Read more