Internet Browser Alternatives to Safari in 2021?

A reliable internet browser is a must these days, given how many people rely on the internet. If you own a MacBook, you have probably been using Safari since it is the default browser for macOS.

But what if you would like to try an alternative browser and put Safari aside for a while? After all, there are multiple potential benefits in switching to another internet browser.

For one, your computer might be running slow recently. If you were to learn more about ways to speed up the MacBook, you would discover that a slow browser is quite common. 

In addition to improving your Mac’s speed, a different browser may also boost the overall internet experience. Some browsers have superior extensions and other features when you compare them to what Safari has to offer.

So what are some of the best Safari alternatives you should consider trying?


According to Wikipedia, about two-thirds of internet users prefer Google Chrome as their go-to internet browser. And this applies to both computers and mobile devices. What makes Chrome so popular? 

Well, for one thing, Google developed the browser, so its name plays a prominent role in raising awareness. Of course, the browser would not be so popular without its features.

Chrome lets users synchronize bookmarks, browsing history, login details, and other browser information across multiple devices through your Google account. Besides, if you were to purchase a new computer and get rid of the old one, there should be no problems syncing Chrome on a new device.

Add the fact that the browser has parental control, an extensive extension list, a plethora of themes, regular updates, and you get one of the best available browsers.


Firefox may not be as popular as Chrome, but it is still a solid choice. The browser is behind Chrome and Safari, but a third-place popularity-wise does not sound too bad, right?

Firefox excels in security. Given how many online threats there are, every bit of improved security helps. In some instances, reliable antivirus software may not be enough to protect your device from a potential attack, and using a secure internet browser could be the difference-maker between avoiding problems and having a malware-infected device.

The browser also requires fewer resources, especially memory (something Chrome is notorious for), which makes Firefox a great pick if you have a low-end MacBook.


For most, Internet Explorer was the first browser. However, it did not take too long for better alternatives to show up and turn Explorer into a joke. 

Luckily for Microsoft, they did not sit idly. Edge Chromium is the default browser for Windows 10, but you can use it on macOS as well. 

What makes Edge stand out from other browsers is its versatility. You can install Chrome extensions and improve the overall user experience. Privacy and ad-blocking trackers are a nice addition as well. 


Even if not as popular as other browsers, Opera still has a fair share of users who rely on it. Similar to other mentioned browsers, Opera also emphasizes user experience

The browser comes with built-in virtual private network services, meaning that you do not need to invest in a third-party VPN. Ad-blockers are also part of the package. There is no need to install an extension to block unwanted advertisements, which means that Opera consumes fewer system resources.

Lastly, you have a clean UI to simplify browsing for less-experienced users and a Turbo mode to compress irrelevant internet data and make websites load faster.


Brave is a relatively unknown browser, but it is still a decent option for MacBook owners. You can pick any search engine as the default option.

Brave developers aim to provide users with the best possible experience by ensuring their security. Hiding browsing history and masking the IP address is one of the biggest advantages of Brave. Moreover, the browser includes Tor and lets you use it right in the Brave tab. 


Vivaldi is another relatively unknown browser. Just like Edge, Vivaldi is built on the Chromium engine. However, the two browsers are quite different. 

One thing that makes Vivaldi unique is its customization options. Users have the option to change fonts, themes, menus, toolbars, colors, and other elements to have a different browsing experience.

The plethora of available features and customization options makes it one of the best options for MacBook owners.


To sum it all up, there are quite a few different internet browser options to consider if you have a MacBook. To determine which of these browsers is the best for your needs, it would probably be better to try using each browser for a while and see how it feels. Once you have the experience, you can pick the one you find the best.

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