SOLVED! Instagram Video Upload Stuck Halfway

Instagram video upload stuck halfway is usually the result of unstable connection and to fix that, you should check out your access to the Internet. Aside from that, you could reset Instagram, delete shared videos and so on. New to Instagram and don’t know how things work? In that case, you should find this article useful.

Why Instagram Video Upload Stuck Halfway?

To find a concrete solution to this problem, we must understand the reasons why this happened in the first place.

Let’s start by understanding the process of uploading videos. First and foremost, it requires an internet connection. If your internet isn’t that strong and you’re going to upload a big file, it’ll take time and might eventually fail. Likewise, if there are restrictions with your smartphone, especially with apps running in the background, once it’s interrupted, it may cause uploaded video to be stuck.

It could also be because the content of the video you’re uploading violated some of Instagram’s terms and policies. So, your video started uploading but stuck halfway. Or, you’re trying to upload a video with copyright – this will definitely have problems when you upload. Furthermore, if your account has previous violations or has been banned or blocked from posting videos, this could also be the reason.

Lastly, some users encounter this when they upload videos when the phone battery is almost empty. Although it’s not true for all, having enough battery could save you from this and other problems.

Solving Instagram Video Upload Stuck Halfway

This problem could arise either because you have a problem with your internet connection, phone, or your account. So, to better assess your problem, let’s get into the bottom of this.

Does this Problem Occur Just Now?

What contents have you uploaded on Instagram before? Has this problem just arisen recently? These and more are the things that you should ask yourself to get the right answer.

Ensure Reliable Internet Connection

If you’ll be uploading a huge video file, it’ll demand a more reliable and stable internet connection. Depending on how long your video, it could take you minutes to hours. With a slower internet connection, you are more likely to experience this problem. Try checking your internet – restart the connection or you can also restart your router. Wi-Fi connection is better over mobile data, especially with video uploading on Instagram.

Quick Refresh of the Instagram App

A good number of Instagramers find respite from this problem through a quick restart of the phone. Since it could also restart Instagram, it should work if there isn’t any serious problem.

Likewise, you can clear the cache or clear data of your Instagram app so it has more space to utilize for the video uploading that you do. Go to Settings>Apps. Find Instagram and tap on it. Tap on Storage and you can find the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons.

Video Doesn’t Meet Standard

Given that you have a good internet connection and have refreshed Instagram, if the problem persists, recheck your video. Make sure that it conforms to specifications and standards of the platform. It should be in MP4 encoded using the H.264 video encoder and the AAC audio codec.

The video file should be under 50MB or even under 20MB. Video’s frame rate should be 30 fps or your file will be post-processed and downscaled. Other requirements are specified on their website.

Video or Account Was Blocked

If you have met all the specifications and standards, yet Instagram video upload is still stuck halfway, it could be that your video or your account was blocked. Your video uploading will be stuck and eventually gets blocked when you have content related to pornography, violence, and the like. It could also mean that you are about to post a video owned by someone else.

Blocked account, on the other hand, means that you have done something against Instagram policies. In this case, check if you have received an email or if you can see “Your account has been disabled for violating our terms.” Learn more about the ban reasons and file an appeal. Once this is settled, you’ll be able to upload videos without a problem.

Delete Shared Videos

Still can’t upload a file? Check if you have any shared videos from My Direct (your direct messages). Delete these files (backup first, when necessary) or just remove all chats with shared videos. You can also try deleting all chats and you can now upload videos smoothly.

The Final Say

Instagram video upload stuck halfway can happen because of several reasons. A reliable internet connection is necessary, especially if you have a larger video file to upload. It could also mean that there is something wrong with your video content — doesn’t follow Instagram specifications or it’s owned by another person. Additionally, a blocked account also leads to this issue — a simple appeal can solve this problem.

Make sure everything is fine — from the internet connection, content, and your account. It has solved the problem for some, and we hope it’ll help you, too. Instagram is a great platform for sharing photos and videos. Enjoy sharing your videos on the platform without any interruption.