How To Underline Text On Android: Instructions

All things considered, the keypad of Android is simple to use so people could easily create and send text messages. That being said, on a couple of occasions, Android users still experience troublesome issues regarding the presentation of the texts. Among the questions surrounding texting on Android, many happen to have the same topic: how to underline text on Android. Though being unable to underline is not a considerable hindrance, it nonetheless annoys a lot of owners of Android devices.

Have a hard time getting texts underlined on your Android phone and need some pointers? In that case, you have come to the right place. In this article, you would be provided with everything that you must keep in mind about underline text on Android

What Needs To Be Done 

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On Android, you could use plenty of tricks and shortcuts while texting messages but once it comes to underlining, you have to remember these methods

In message apps that pack built-in formatting 

Certain apps provide Android users with tools to adjust the way texts appear and underline is also one of them. Since all the tools happen to be integrated, you may access them at any time

  • Step 1: Highlight the texts that you want to underline
  • Step 2: The tools should show up now. If they fail to present themselves then look around for underlined A icon and tap it in order to bring up the tools
  • Step 3: Click the underlined U icon to underline the text

In message apps that lack built-in formatting 

A lot of message apps for Android devices don’t have dedicated tools to change the presentation of texts but most incorporate an alternative: symbols. By putting a symbol on either side of texts, you could revamp their appearance to your liking with relative ease. In the case of underline, underscore ( _ ) is usually used.

For instance, let’s say you wish to underline “example”. All you have to do is put the word between underscores (_example_) and it’s going to show up underlined. The underscore technique works in multiple apps so it’s the best bet for those that have no idea how to underline text on Android and need a quick solution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Texting On Android 

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What with the red underline that keeps showing up now and then in my texts? 

That red underline is actually a spellchecker designed to point out potential errors in the grammar of your text messages. If you like to get rid of the spellchecker, you simply need to head over to Setting, select Language & input and turn off Selling correction.

Is it possible to change the color of my text messages? 

In times of need, you could apply changes to the color of your text messages. Tap the texts, choose the color picker on the upper right and proceed to select the color that you like.

How do I increase and decrease the font size? 

Open the message app on your device, tap the menu button and select Font Size. At that point, you should be able to change the font size of your text messages as you see fit.

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