How to Turn Off Google Fit

A lot of people have begun to pay more attention to their health now, and this may be the reason why the sale of health tracking devices such as Google Fit is on the rise. People are working out, monitoring their heartbeat rate, monitoring how many steps they’ve taken, amongst other physical activities. It’s quite impressive if everyone monitored their health this way, but as with every technological device, there are downsides. Google Fit is usually connected to your mobile device, and it comes with lots of notifications for a lot of things. Are you one of the smartphone users who are riled up by the unending notification that comes from the various applications on their phones? Particularly from nonessential applications such as movement tracker on your Google fit? Well, that’s quite understandable too. Like every application, you can turn off Google Fit and, in the process, turn off all those notifications. This article explains how to turn off Google Fit in detail.

Google fit is a health-tracking software developed by Google to run on both Android and iOS devices. It is created to operate on a single set of Application Programming Interface (API), which allows it to blend data from multiple apps and devices. Google fit keeps track and record of the user’s physical activities, ranging from cycling, running, and walking, with the help of sensors that have been pre-installed on devices such as Apple Watch. The data collected from tracking these physical activities are measured against the user’s fitness goal to provide a comprehensive view of their fitness. Virtually all smartphones have a form of in-built movement tracking and keeps records of your movement as well as collecting background data. As much as you want to keep track of your fitness activity, a little data privacy is highly important, and therefore, restricting your fitness tracking app might be the only way to go. Google fit can sometimes be obnoxious, especially with its regular updates and notification sounds that most users want to just delete the app completely from their smartphones. But, sometimes, deleting the app is not the solution because you just might need it again at some point in the future, so instead of outrightly taking out the app completely, why not disable the app or restrict it from doing certain things such as sending notifications? This article is a comprehensive explanation on how to turn off google fit or and how to effectively manage Google fit in the simple steps explained below;

How to turn off Google on iPhone;

STEP 1: Open Settings

STEP 2: Scroll down to Privacy

STEP 3: Tap Motion & Fitness

STEP 4: In one tap, turn off “Fitness Tracking” to completely disable body motion, activity tracking on your iPhone, as well as third-party apps like Google Fit

Alternatively, you can turn off Google fit, and its activity tracking for each application.

STEP 1: Go to Settings

STEP 2: Scroll to Privacy

STEP 3: Tap Motion & Fitness to see the list of apps that currently have access to your activity data.

STEP 4: Tap on the slider next to Google Fit to revoke its access.

How to turn off Google Fit on Android

Originally, Android devices came with in-built step tracking software, but the process of turning it off may differ depending on the device versions of the Android Operating System. To turn off the default step tracker, search for “pedometer,” “fitness tracking,” or “steps tracking” in your settings and tap disable.

However, for Android devices that don’t track your steps automatically and instead rely on third party trackers like Google Fit, you have to disable or uninstall the app. You can disable the app by taking the following steps;

STEP 1: Go to Settings

STEP 2: Scroll down to the ‘All apps’ tab for the complete list of your apps.

STEP 3: To disable an app, you simply need to tap on it and then tap Disable. Tap “Google Fit” and click on “Disable.”

This removes the app from your device. And can also be enabled with a simple tap.  Alternatively, you can uninstall the app by simply long-pressing the app from the app launcher screen, then drag it to the uninstall option on the screen.

So, there you have it on how to turn off Google fit in simple and straightforward steps on your smartphone without necessarily deleting or uninstalling the app.

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