SOLVED! - How to Stop Android Notification Sounds Keeps Repeating

Notifications are a type of alert-like message originating from an application to a device to deliver related information to users. They often appear on the home screen or at the top of the screen.

Although its advantages can’t be denied, sometimes you may get frustrated by the sounds from Android’s notifications. There is a time when you turn off the internet connection for hours and when you turn back on, all the news comes out which leads to the not responding of the phone.

Another case is that even you already turn the notification off, it still makes continuous sounds. If you are trying to find the ways to turn these annoying app notifications off, this article may give you useful information and help to vent your frustration.

We’ll put forward some solutions for this problem in specific phones as well as guide you to hide sensitive messages.

How to Stop ‘continuous notification sound Android’

Solution 1: How to disable notifications on the stock of Android

There is a difference in the way of disabling notifications in various Android versions. In this post, we will mainly focus on some latest versions of Android.

1. Turn off notifications in Android 8.x

Step 1: Go to Settings and choose ” Apps and notifications” settings.

Choose “Apps & Notifications”

Step 2: In “Apps and Notifications” choose: Notifications -> App notifications.


App notifications

Step 3: If you want to turn off specific apps then tap one by one to do it. But if you want to disable all of the notifications: All apps -> Turn it off.

Turn notifications off

2. Disable notifications in Android 7.x and 6.x

In these versions, you just follow these steps and it will be done: Settings -> Sounds & Notifications -> App notifications -> Block all.

Or tap one by one app to silence the sound.

3. Disable notifications in Samsung Galaxy Devices

Samsung Galaxy Devices is a little bit different from the other Android devices.

Basically, you just go to Settings -> Notifications -> turn notifications off. Unlike other Android devices, Samsung devices are more convenient as you just slide an apps’ toggle to the off position to disable notifications for any application like WhatsApp.

Disable notifications in Samsung Galaxy devices

With those steps, you will be successful in disabling notifications that may annoy you.

Secondly, if you just want to silence the notification temporarily, you should try “Do not Disturb” mode.

Solution 2: Turn on “Do not disturb” for temporary silence of notifications

When you enable Do Not Disturb, your notifications still come out but they don’t make any sounds.

To turn on this feature, I’ll divide into two kinds of Android phones:

  • Most of Android phones: go to Settings -> Sound & notification -> Do not disturb.
  • Samsung Galaxy phones: tap Settings > Sounds and vibration > Do not disturb > Enable as scheduled.

However, you can make an exceptional list of apps or phone calls, messages from some contacts. It means that just apps you allow to notify can ring.

Similarly, you can set some specific contacts as “Starred” and then allow messages or phone calls from these people to bypass Do Not Disturb restrictions. To do so you do the following steps:

Step 1: Tap the “star” next to the contact’s name.

Step 2: Go to Settings -> Sounds -> Do not disturb -> Priority Only Allows -> set the Messages and Calls options to “From starred contacts only” (or “Favorite contacts only” in Samsung).

Make priorities for starred contacts

Allow exceptions with starred contacts in Do not Disturb

This mode is helpful when you want to sleep well at night or concentrate on something without being interrupted.

How to hide sensitive notifications on your Android locked screen

There are some cases that you want to hide messages from the locked screen. We will focus on 2 main devices to show you the solution for each.

  • For most of Android devices: Settings -> Sound & notification -> When device is locked  -> chooseHide sensitive notification content” (orDon’t show notifications at all“).
  • For Samsung Galaxy devices: Settings -> Lock screen and security -> notification on lock screen -> content on lock screen -> chooseHide content.

With these steps, your message content will not appear on your lock screen anymore.

Message contents were hidden successfully

To sum up, this article guides you on how to disable notification sounds and to hide Samsung sensitive message notification from a locked screen. Hope the information we provided is helpful for you.


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