How to Scale Your Business With the Help of a Managed IT Service Provider

Today there are many options available for those looking to expand their business with the help of IT Managed Services providers. With the right knowledge, anyone can set out on their own to develop and manage their own IT solutions. However, many choose to stick to the tried and true services they already have so that expansion can be managed more easily. The problem with this approach is that there are limits to what you can achieve if you don’t use a fully comprehensive Managed IT Services provider with whom you can build a strong working relationship.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

  • One of the best ways to understand the benefits of a Managed Service Provider for a business is to look at how this industry has developed over the years. The traditional model was to hire more staff to provide more resources for handling the IT infrastructure. The problem with this approach was that it required too many employees and too much investment in equipment and facilities. These investments were not always fully offset against the cost of employing them. Therefore, the profits that could be made at the end of the day were limited as well.
  • These days, Managed IT Services allows businesses to concentrate on their core activities without having to invest in additional office space or purchasing too many new devices. Instead, a simple contract is entered into which the provider will manage everything for the business, from customer support to software licensing to accounting. There is also no need to make huge investments, because managed services providers usually work on contracts which are based on mutually beneficial terms.
  • This kind of managed services can actually be very cost effective. Of course, there are costs involved, but most solutions can offer savings of up to fifty per cent over what traditional IT solutions would charge. Some companies can even offer managed services without charging an annual maintenance fee. Some providers may provide their customers with a discount when it comes to hiring more than one employee as a support staff for managing the company’s IT systems. This can help reduce labour costs significantly.

How to Select the Best Managed Services Provider?

  • To get started, it is important to identify a suitable provider. You can look in the Yellow Pages, online, or contact a number of companies offering managed services locally. Once you have identified some names, start by setting up a meeting with them. If you prefer, they can even visit your premises in order to assess your current situation.
  • During the initial meeting, ask for a detailed project plan. This will help you assess whether or not managed services are right for your company. Some plans may only provide you with a few benefits while others can give you a far-reaching benefit. It is also important to know what they can do for you and your company.
  • If you decide to hire managed services, it is also important to take note of the time frame involved in the process. Find out if there are any processes that are not feasible for you right now. For instance, it would be silly to hire an event management company for an awards ceremony. If you need to award recognition to all employees in your company, it would make more sense to hire a human resources service. In addition, make sure that you discuss all contract terms in detail.

As you can see, managing your business is easier when you use a third-party to do so. There are definitely disadvantages and advantages to using this method, but no matter what you choose, it is always best to plan ahead. For this, you can consult Technical Action Group, a Toronto based Best IT Outsourcing Company specializing in providing strategic, operational, and strategic customer support to global corporations, is on a mission to be the best in their field. They strive to deliver technologically advanced and innovative solutions that are designed to increase productivity, lower costs, improve staff satisfaction, and increase profit margins.

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