SOLVED! Recover Deleted Bookmarks Chrome Android

Trying to figure out how to restore Android browser bookmarks after clearing them mistakenly? It happens to the best of us, and we have come up with a fix.

Upon purchasing a mobile device running the Android operating system, you are sure to find pre-installed applications and browsers. The generic browser found on android devices is definitely the google chrome as a host of Google applications are pre-installed on Android devices. Other browsers could also come pre-installed on the device, depending on the mobile device. As in the case of Samsung, it comes with a pre-installed Samsung internet browser explicitly customized for Samsung devices.

Other examples of pre-installed browsers that come with android mobile devices are the Phx browsers, Opera browser. However, Technology has afforded flexibility also. Hence, users are not restricted to just the pre-installed browsers but can download new browser applications from the Google PlayStore, which offers variants according to user’s preference. Some variants offered are Firefox browser, Microsoft Edge browser, Brave browser, DuckDuckGo Privacy browser, Phoenix browser, UC browser, Puffin browser e.t.c


Think along the lines of reading a copy of one of your favorite thrillers, you get to a particular page that has so much suspense, and the articulation of words by the author lives you spellbound, you pick a piece of ribbon to place in between the pages, use a marker to mark the page of the book, or fold the edge of the page simply to mark that place as a favorite or a point of reference in the future. Hence, you have a bookmark for your book. It is interesting to note that much of our everyday lives have been replicated on the internet. While visiting the internet, you also have the option to mark and keep a favorite page, site, file, or other forms of data you’d like to keep a record of to revisit or as a point of reference for future use. This is referred to as bookmark or favorites, as the case may be for different browsers.

Bookmarks re not tied to a specific mobile device or computer but are synced with the browsers such that signing in to the browser from any location and device gives you access to your bookmarks. Now imagine you lose those bookmarks, and you are trying to work out how to restore Android browser bookmarks.

Restoring Lost Bookmarks

Anything from a device loss, a device upgrade, and operating system reset can make you lose your bookmarks. However, there is a possibility to recover your bookmarks

As Chrome is the pre-installed browser on android devices, we would be sharing tips on how to restore Android browser bookmarks for the chrome web browser. It is also essential to note that deleted bookmarks cannot be recovered, and the bookmarks that we are attempting to recover here are bookmarks that got lost for other reasons different from the user deleting the bookmarks personally.

STEP 1: Sign in to Chrome with your Google account.

STEP 2: Open the Chrome app via your android device.

STEP 3: Select the more icon, “Settings,” and “Sign in to Chrome.”

STEP 4: Select the account where you saved the bookmark.

STEP 5: Select “Continue.”

It is important to note that new bookmarks are saved to the “Mobile Bookmarks” folder

STEP 6: Select the Chrome browser app on your android phone.

STEP 7: Select the “More” options

STEP 8: Select “Bookmarks.” Alternatively, if your address bar is at the bottom, swipe up on the address bar and select the “Star Icon.”

STEP 9: If you are in a bookmarked folder, select “Back” at the top left.

STEP 10: Open each bookmarked folder and look for your bookmark.

There is an alternative means to also restore Android browser bookmarks on the chrome app. However, this method would only work for chrome users who have their Google sync activated, enabling all browsing history to be synchronized and maintained across various devices. If you are a user who has successfully activated the Google sync, you can follow the steps below to restore Android browser bookmarks on the chrome browser:

STEP 1: Open a page in the Chrome browser on your phone and input this link:

STEP 2: Input the details of your Google account, which would include your email address and password. As soon as you have successfully carried out the aforementioned action, you would see a list of your browsing history as recorded by Google.

STEP 3: Scroll down to “Chrome Bookmarks.”

STEP 4: You gain visibility into all history that your Android phone has accessed, including bookmarks and applications. You can save the browsing history again as bookmarks.


We hope the tips provided Help you restore Android browser bookmarks. If this issue persists, do let us know in the comments section. You can also visit the Google Support team to get more information.