How to Reset RCA Viking Pro Tablet

If you happen to forget the password of your smartphone/tablet or there are critical issues, all you need is a quick reset of your device. Most people, especially those who aren’t that interested in every bit about Android don’t know how to reset the phone. You should have read the manual. But, if you are too busy, you can browse for instructions online – from trusted sites only. With most Android mobiles, you can simply press the Power + Volume Up + Home button, but RCA Viking Pro Tablet is different. So, how to reset RCA Viking Pro tablet with only a Power button and Volume keys? Here’s a quick guide.

Why Reset Your Device?

There are several reasons why you need to reset your Android mobile back to its default factory settings. If you forget the password or experienced weird behavior on your tablet, a quick reset will sometimes do the trick. Yet, for RCA Viking Pro tablet, it has its own story. Some users complained that the tablet asks for a password even if they have bought a brand-new RCA Viking. This isn’t normal and a hard reset is the only way to get rid of this problem. Yet, it’s not as easy as hard resetting other Android devices.

Several Ways to Reset RCA Viking Pro Tablet

Just like any other Android mobiles, there are several ways to reset your RCA Viking Pro tablet. If you have access to the Settings of your tablet, get a quick reset from there. However, if you forget your password or you have experienced problems wherein you can’t access the Settings, perform a hard reset. Moreover, for those who can’t do a simple hard reset because somehow the device is protected by Google’s Factory Reset Protection, a thorough process will be discussed below.

A Quick Factory Reset

This is the safest kind of reset that you can perform if you want to get rid of all the changes you made to your device. However, this process can only be done by going into the Settings>Backup and Reset>Factory Data Reset (or the like). You need to restart your tablet to complete the process.

Alternatively, you can follow this path, as well. Go to Settings>Privacy>Factory data reset. If you have an SD card, make sure to deselect Erase SD card option. Now, tap the Reset Phone>Erase everything. This process takes time – a restart can be manually done or the system itself will automatically restart.

Hard Reset When the Device is Off

RCA Viking Pro tablets only have a Power button and Volume keys. Turn off the tablet and perform a hard reset. Press the Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously until you see the RCA logo on the screen. After a few seconds, the Android bot will show. Press and hold the Power button and then press the Volume Up button.

Now, the options will be displayed, including the Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Use the Volume keys to navigate and press the Power button to select. Select Yes – delete all user data to confirm hard reset. Once done, you’ll see “Data wipe complete.” Restart the tablet by pressing the Power button.

Reset Tablet with Previous Account Recovery Sync

If you are still stuck because the tablet asks for credentials, the process could be a bit difficult. Make sure to pay attention to the details of this guide because it’s the only way to get past the FRP.

On the page where the device will ask for the credentials of the previous owner, tap the Back button. Select Add Network and just type anything – random letters. Long-press those letters and tap Assist. Tap on Gmail and you’ll be redirected to the Permissions page. Hit the three-vertical dots menu and select Manage apps, which will bring you to the Settings page.

In the Settings, just add another user account – enter your own Google credentials and just follow the steps. Now, restart the device and when prompted with login details, enter the information you just saved. You’ll be asked a few things before you’ll finally arrive at the home screen. You can now delete previous accounts and even do a clean reset to start afresh.

The Final Say

RCA Viking Pro is a 2-in-1 tablet ready to take on complicated tasks you can do with computers. Yet, for some who buy a new RCA Viking, they still need to reset it before they can use it. Somehow, there are stored credentials already – which need to be removed before successfully getting into the home screen. So, how to reset RCA Viking Pro tablet? Well, there are three ways to do it. But, if the problem is on the FRP, you must religiously and patiently follow the procedure laid out above in order to make use of this device.