SOLVED! How to Remove Bubbles from Tempered Glass Screen Protector

For those who rely on tempered glass screen protectors to protect their devices, how to remove bubbles from tempered glass screen protectors is a hotly discussed topic. Usually, applying pressure onto the protectors works wonders but cooking oil proves handy at times too. Continue reading to be able to tackle the bubbles that dot the tempered glass screen protector of your device.

Causes of Air Bubbles

Phones have different sizes of screens; thus, tempered glass screen protector also comes in various sizes. The ultimate reasons why air bubbles may form are improper installation, dust, or oily fingerprints on the screen. If you have air bubbles on your phone screen, that means, something must have blocked the screen protector from having a complete seal.

Prevent Screen Protector Bubbles

The definitive prevention of screen protector bubbles is not to have it in the first place. With proper cleaning and installation, you don’t need to even see bubbles on your screen.

  1. Make a thorough cleaning of your phone’s screen. Don’t be afraid to use alcohol to wipe the dirt on your screen. You can also use sticky dust removable strips to completely remove any lint. Use lint-free cloth like those used on glasses. Or, if you have clear tape, it’s also an alternative to removing all the dirt on your phone’s screen.
  2. Make sure your hand is clean and free from oil or dirt. Wash your hands with soap or wash them with alcohol. Now, you are ready to install the tempered glass.
  3. Tempered glass screen protectors have plastic protective covers — don’t take it off yet until you are sure with the installation.
  4. Align the protector on the screen of your device. Then, place it on the screen and watch it seal with the surface of your phone.
  5. Press your fingers at the center on the glass protector to push air bubbles towards the end.
  6. Gently push the screen protector slowly onto the screen so that the adhesive will be reinforced. Use a clean plastic card, ATM, or driver’s license — anything that you can use to push the air bubble out.

Ways to Remove Bubbles from Tempered Glass Protector

in case you have installed the screen protector to the best that you can but still get air bubbles, you can detach and put it again. Some tempered glass can be taken off several times. Just don’t touch the bottom part of the protector so the adhesive can still stick to your phone’s screen.

Reapply Tempered Glass

If you are afraid to take off the screen protector again, use the edge of your ATM card to push the air out. Try to push in one direction to remove all the bubbles.

But, if the bubbles are all around the screen, you can safely remove the tempered glass using a razor blade. Use the sharp edge of the blade and slide it under the screen protector. Don’t bend the protector while lifting it from the screen. Instead, slide the blade under the corner of your screen protector, while slowly peeling the tempered glass away from the screen.

You should use a lint-free cloth or single-use screen wipes to clean the surface thoroughly before re-applying the screen protector. If possible, do the process in a humid space in your house (bathroom, for example) to reduce air bubble formation. Make sure the surfaces are clean and free from any dust and dirt. Lay your phone on a flat surface and with a steady hand, reapply the screen protector.

Although some screen protectors allow you to reapply multiple times, if you think it’s not that efficient anymore, get a new one.

Using Cooking Oil

If you only get air bubbles at the edges of the screen, here’s the quickest way on how to remove them. You need a Q-tip (or cotton buds) and cooking oil. For best results, use either olive oil or vegetable oil. You can simply wrap a small amount of cotton on a stick.

  1. Apply a thin layer of oil on the Q-tip. Be certain that it’s not so wet and oil won’t drip off.
  2. Run the Q-tip through the edges where the air bubbles formed.
  3. Let the cooking oil seep under the screen protector and fill its gap. This will slowly eliminate the bubbles and tighten the seal of the tempered glass protector.
  4. And, like before, use a hard-edge thing like a credit card and press the screen protector down, wiping off the excess oil.

The Final Say

Adding tempered glass on your phone adds protection. Yet, if air bubbles formed on the screen, it could be very annoying as it blocks your view. For air bubbles scattered everywhere, the best thing you can do is reapply the screen protector. Most tempered glasses can be applied tons of time, but if it’s peeled off and reapplied several times already, get a new one.

On the other hand, if the bubbles are just at the edges, you can put cooking oil to fill the gap. Use either olive oil or vegetable oil to fill the gap and reinforce the seal. These two methods on how to remove bubbles from tempered glass screen protector were already proven and tested. Now, it’s your turn to experience its efficacy.