SOLVED! - How to Move Pictures from One Folder to Another on Android?

Aside from default folders already present in Android mobile phones, you can add new folders. This allows you to move documents, videos, and images from one folder to another. You can group pictures according to your preferred cluster for easy navigation. How to move pictures from one folder to another on Android, you may ask? The answer isn’t that complicated and will be discussed thoroughly here.

How to Move Pictures from One Folder to Another?

Basically, most Android mobiles allow you to move pictures from one folder to the other. There are two places where you can start moving pictures from one folder to the other. You can either do it from Galley App or a File Manager.

Gallery App

In your Gallery app, you can move pictures from one folder to the other in a lot of ways. Likewise, you can also choose whether to copy the images or move them. Of course, if you want to make things handier to you by categorizing your pictures, then, the ‘move’ option is perfect. However, if you’re moving pictures to a specific folder because you need to transfer them to your PC, for example, then, it’s always safe to just ‘copy’ them.

A. Create Folder First

Some phones may name it Folder, while others Album, but still you can segregate your images according to how you want it. Tap on the Folder or Album and you’ll be asked to name the folder.

  1. Enter the name of your new folder.
  2. Press OK and you’ll be redirected to your images.
  3. You can select the photos you want to move. Once you select all the images, confirm it by tapping corresponding buttons. (A check or OK or Done button to signify completion of work.)

Now, if you have already moved images and there are still images left to be moved.

  1. Open the folder/album.
  2. Tap the + button or the command to select images.
  3. Select the images you need to add to that folder.
  4. Confirm by tapping Done or a checkmark (depending on the Android mobile that you have).
  5. You’ll be prompted with a question of whether to ‘move’ or ‘copy’ the images.
  6. Select the appropriate option and confirm again.

B. Select Images, then Create Folder

You can also select pictures and then move them to a new folder that you will yet to create.

  1. Select the images you want to group into a single folder.
  2. Tap Move option, then, Create a Folder/New Album.
  3. Once you confirm the process, you’ve successfully moved pictures from one folder to another on Android.

File Manager

You can also move pictures from one folder to another through the File Manager. It’s a program in most Android devices wherein you can see all the folders – whether found in internal storage or your SD card.

  1. Tap the File Manage app.
  2. Go to Images or Pictures or Camera folder (the folder name varies on the phone model you have.)
  3. Select the images you want to move.
  4. Generally, you have the option to Copy or Move the images (any file). So, tap Move if you want to move the images or tap Copy if you want to copy them.
  5. Just like moving images through the Gallery app, you can create a new folder/album or move them to an existing folder.

If you don’t have the Move option and you have Cut. It behaves just the same as moving the pictures. Simply select the images you want to move and tap Cut, then, Copy it to the folder destination of your choice.

Third-Party Apps

Still, you can easily move your pictures from folder to folder using third-party apps. This is an option if you only have Copy option and the Move option is missing. While you can copy pictures, it’s still inconvenient and it’s possible to have duplicates of the images.

Yet, if you insist, especially for the convenience of dragging and moving images, the following may be beneficial to you:

Xplore File Manager — Download the app from the Play Store and install it. Open it and navigate to the folder that contains the pictures you want to move. Swipe left to see all the folders to your right. Now, select the images you want to move by ticking the boxes at the sides. Tap Move and more options will be displayed. Just follow the prompts and you’ll successfully move pictures.

ASTRO File Manager — After you install the app, open it, and go to Camera folder. Or, if you can’t see it, usually, it’s a subfolder of the DCIM. Each picture displays as a thumbnail. Simply tap and hold the picture you want to move. Once you’re done with the selection, tap Move on the bottom menu, then, you can see PASTE and CANCEL option. Access the folder destination or you can also create New Folder. Hit the PASTE option and the images you selected are now in their new location.

These are just among the most common third-party file managers that help you move pictures around. If you think these aren’t what you need, you can easily find similar apps in your Google Play.

The Final Say

Android mobiles usually store images in one place — in Pictures folder (Images or Camera, depending on your phone). If you want to categorize your pictures and organize them in folders, most Android phones allow you to do so. How to move pictures from one folder to another on Android?

If you are lucky enough, you’ll enjoy the built-in functionality of your phone that will help you easily move pictures from one folder to another. You can either move images directly in your Gallery app or the File Manager. However, if you don’t have the move option, Google Play also offers apps you can install on your phone. Some apps have the convenience of drag-and-drop, so it’ll be easy for you. With Android mobile, organizing and moving your pictures from one folder to another is made easy and a breeze.