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Many spend a lot of their time on the internet, particularly now when the pandemic prevents us from going outside and socializing with others. 

However, not everyone has enough experience with their computer or smartphone to make sure that they have the best possible experience surfing the net. Sure, browsing through random pages casually does not require extra effort, but having a better and more efficient time online is still something more people should enjoy.

If you are looking to make some changes for yourself or someone you know, these tips should come in quite handy. Keep in mind that there is no need to apply every suggestion mentioned in this article, but at least one or two should come in quite handy.

Leave Fewer Traces

Cybersecurity is one thing that many people overestimate. In fact, some internet users are not even aware of some potential dangers one can encounter online. 

Besides becoming a potential target for ads, you also risk exposing personal information. For example, by registering on websites that ask you to enter an email address, phone number, and other personal details. 

When you can, you should stick to incognito mode on your internet browser. Also, if there are some online profiles that you have not used for a while, getting rid of those is also recommended.

For instance, you might have had a yahoo email in the past but have not used it in a long time. Go to the yahoo termination page to delete the account. And if you remember any other similar instances, do not hesitate and get rid of personal online profiles you no longer need.

Use Virtual Private Networks

Virtual private networks are great for safety because they encrypt data and make it harder for potential attackers to trace your history. 

On the other hand, safety is not the only advantage. VPNs also come in handy when you cannot access certain websites. Some content on the internet is geo-restricted, meaning that you can only check it by having the right IP address. For example, a Chinese website is behind the great firewall of China.

If you want to access such a site, you can switch your IP address with a virtual private network and eliminate the issue. The instances when you may need to access geo-restricted pages may be few, but you should keep in mind that a VPN can help with it. 

Install Ad Blockers

A constant bombardment of ads can really dampen your spirit to go back to certain websites despite finding interesting content on them. Despite ruining user experience, some sites still stick to an aggressive ad policy because they cannot think of a better monetization method.

Online ads are annoying because they get in the way and slow down a website’s loading speed. Thankfully, you have the option to install ad blockers and get rid of most online advertisements.

Smartphone owners are not as lucky because there are not that many options to install an ad blocker extension on a smartphone. But if you have a laptop or personal computer, take advantage of a browser extension to block those annoying online ads.

Try Different Browsers

Besides installing ad blockers and maybe some other neat extensions, you could also consider trying different online browsers.

Safari is the default option for MacBooks, but that does not mean you cannot switch to Chrome or Firefox. Similarly, if you have been using either of these two browsers, why not consider Safari?

It is no secret that Google Chrome is quite notorious for RAM consumption, and it can run poorly on low-end computers. Meanwhile, Safari does not require as many resources and may prove to be a better option.

Clear Caches 

Browser caches are temporary storage that collects web pages, images, and other information to reduce server lag and load pages faster.

For example, if you visit a website for the first time, and that website has multiple media files, it may take a while for it to load. At least the first time. Future visits to the same website will not require waiting for pages to load as much because the browser cache will have the media files. 

The feature is neat, but you should not get too complacent. Too much cache data will actually have a negative effect and slow down the browser. Therefore, you should clear the browser cache regularly, like once per month.

Bookmark Favorite Pages

While the browsing history has a search bar to find pages you have visited before, getting in the habit of bookmarking your favorite sites is a good piece of advice.

It is easy to forget some sites, particularly if you are constantly looking for something interesting on Google and other search engines. Besides, not all browsers keep browsing history for a long time. And you should not discard the possibility of someone accidentally deleting browsing history.


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