SOLVED! Speakers too Loud at Lowest Volume on Android

The environment around any smartphone user can be subjected to their device in terms of device volume. Therefore, Android users must learn to control the volume of their devices. Speakers too Loud at lowest volume? This article discusses the cause of the error and how you can correct the situation

Android Devices and their Speaker

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Depending on the manufacturer of android devices, the speaker hardware used in their manufacture is way different from each other. Also, the technology combined in the design of each device in relation to the speaker is different. Therefore, it results in different speaker designs under the same operating system and version.

Android users are not that familiar with the ability to alter their speaker volume to their desired effect. Although this ability depends on the build of the device, it can be used to solve many problems faced by android users.

It is a valuable solution to android users asking questions such as:

  • Speakers too Loud at lowest volume
  • Solutions to Speakers too Loud at lowest volume

One of the problems faced by many Android users is an irregularity in the way their speaker produces sounds. This action can be when they are playing music, alarm, or other media-related activity.

The problem related to the speaker can be informed of too much volume or lesser volume than desired.

Speakers too Loud at lowest volume?

This problem is seen by many android users in which when they are in places that require lower sounds, and they put their phone on silent, the speaker still comes our loud. The issue is caused by many things which are further discussed below:

This problem is seen by many android users in which when they are in places that require lower sounds, and they put their phone on silent, the speaker still comes our loud. The issue is caused by many things which are further discussed below:

Solutions to Speakers too Loud at lowest volume?

The solution to speakers too loud at lowest volume is by calibrating the audio of your android device. This action depends on the chipset used in building your android device. There are many types of chipsets used in making an android device. However, on android, there are four major types of chipsets. These chipsets are Qualcomm, Samsung Semiconductor, Hi Silicon and MediaTek

The manufacturer of a device decides the right chipset to employ in the making of its device. If you want to know whether your device is MTK or, Qualcomm, Hi Silicon or others you can click here


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Before you embark on using this solution, you need to know whether your android device is an MTK device by clicking here. If it has been confirmed that your device is an MTK device, you can go ahead and tweak the settings to lower your speaker to whatever you deem fit. To use the method, follow these steps:

Requirement: Mobileuncle  MTK Tools which you can download by searching on Google.

The Mobileuncle MTK Tool allows you to tweak with some settings on your MTK device. On your device’s speaker, the application is exceptional in the tweaking.

  • After downloading the application, open the App and navigate to Engineering mode
  • It will show you under the Telephony column, swipe to the side towards the hardware testing
  • Select the audio under hardware testing
  • Select the loudspeaker mode

The mode you desire is based on the leading cause of the speaker going out way. If the loudspeaker is based on the ringtone when it rings, you can select Ring and edit to your choice. While setting your speaker, remember that level 0 is the lowest level, and level 16 is the highest depending on the phone. Therefore, since we are trying to reduce the speaker at the lowest volume, you can tackle between level 1,2,3 and edit as you want. However, it is when you are playing music or playing videos you can select Media under the type and set it under level 1,2,3 to solve the speaker high-volume at the low level

  • Restart your phone


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If you are not using an MTK android device, it becomes hard for you to tweak the audio settings or other things regarding your android device. For android users whose phone is made using Qualcomm Snapdragon, tweaking their device has to done by rooting the device.


Not only is rooting good for the topic the article is trying to explain, it has a lot of advantages such as removing applications that are not useful but also waste battery. To know more about rooting, click here

To root your device kindly visit this website, and check under your device name

After rooting your device, you can try the other method by downloading Engineering mode Snapdragon

This application is like the MobileUncle MTK Tools, which is used for tuning the Mediatek Android Smartphones, amongst other developmental activities. As Mobileuncle MTK Tool is a basic requirement for MTK android users, so is this App a requirement for rooted snapdragon android users.

It was developed by a Chinese and allowed you to tweak some of your things by using the root access

Accessing the controls is similar to the MTK device, and you can simply follow the same steps.

However, if these two methods do not work because of the build of your phone, you can simply start using a headset or other accessories which should be optimized the sound receive and sent out for your phone.