Minecraft Lan Connection Timed out Error? How to Deal with!

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Minecraft is a fantastic sandbox game that allows players to create their own world by crafting and building with the simple 3D blocks. You can also play this game on your local network (LAN) with your family and friends. However, it sometimes occurs some troubleshooting connection problems and it takes half your time to fix them. One of the most issues (one of those) is Minecraft LAN connection timed out. Therefore, we have written this guide to help players especially the layman to deal with (solve) the problem with Minecraft LAN play.

What is Minecraft? 

Minecraft is a fantastic game, which has been one of the international phenomena in the world. Unless you live in the moon, you have surely already heard of this game. It is also a flexible game that allows each player to free the imagination, enhance creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills in the virtual world. It is a ton of fun when you are able to build and explore with your friends and families. Be more detailed, you can explore an infinite world and create everything you want from the simplest things to the most complex and magnificent castles. And, you can share a great Minecraft experience with your family and friends. If they are on your local area network, it is fairly simple.

Solutions for the Minecraft Lan Connection Time out Error Connect Minecraft Error error.

On many forums about  Minecraft LAN, we see a large number of player comments (number of players who comment) about the connection timed out connect Minecraft error. Therefore, this article will help you troubleshoot the Connection Timed Out Error when connecting Minecraft. This is commonly caused by the reference format of the error or the Windows system file damage. However, it is also because there are some mistakes in the way users set up the Minecraft that leads to the above error.

Therefore, firstly we would like to guide you to set up a Minecraft LAN game in a proper way.

The first consideration is that two parties have to use the same version of the Minecraft. for example, if you are playing the 1.6.4 version, your partner must also use the 1.6.4 one. If not, you will not be connected.

Step 1: you need to press the ESC button to activate the LAN function. After it shows the in-game menu, you choose the open to LAN

                                                                  Choose the open to LAN

Now we start to set up the LAN world by some choices. you can choose game mode between Creative, Adventure and Survival or allow Cheats on or off. After that, you press “start LAN world” to open the game to other players on LAN.

Now, your partner has to open the Minecraft and press”multiplayer” 


Now Minecraft starts to scan the LAN ( local area network) to find the available games and list them.

                                                  Scanning for games on your local network

 On the opposite side, your friend needs to choose the world and press “Join Service

If the above method does not work for your case, you can try another way as follows:

Step 1: Start your computer.

Step 2: Click the Start button, then you search  System Restore and click it.

Step 3: Choose “Restore my computer to an earlier time“, then click Next.

Step 4:  Select the most recent system restore point from the “On this list, click a restore point” list, and also click Next.

Step 5: On the confirmation window, you click Next.

Step 6: After the restoration process completed. Restarts the computer.

Finally, I hope that these methods could help you fix the Minecraft LAN connection timed out error. Wishing you success!

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