SOLVED! - Google Search Bar Black: What You Must Keep In Mind

With Google being one of the most frequently used search engines, hiccups with its user interface could largely affect the net surfing experience of people. Among complaints sent by phone users regarding Google UI, many happen to cover the same issue: Google search bar black. Overall, a blackened Google search bar rarely causes considerable disruption but depending on individual liking, it’s pretty annoying nonetheless.

Kind of irritated by the blackened Google search bar of your device and wish to return to the old one? If that is the case, this article is going to be of use to you. Down below, you would be provided with everything you must know about the issues of Google search bar blacking out and how to address it.

Dark Mode: The Prime Suspect

Generally, troubles with the user interface of Google may be the result of various factors. However, once it comes to Google search bar black, Dark Mode is often at fault.

In case you don’t know, Dark Mode is present on multiple devices, applications and services that put texts on a black background when engaged. Once you set your phone on Dark Mode, the amount of light emitting from the screen greatly reduces but while contrast remains adequate for readability. Because of that, by switching to Dark Mode, you should be able to enhance visual ergonomics and decrease eye strain. Additionally, Dark Mode also helps to conserve battery so your phone would go on without charging for quite some time.

Disabling Dark Mode: Recommendations 

Phải đến Android 11 Google mới bổ sung tính năng này cho Dark Mode

All things considered, Google search bar black is not an error and owners of devices could disable it any time. To get back to the original Google search bar, you have a couple of choices

Change settings of the device

  • For Android: Go to Settings, choose About device and tap Build number seven times to enable Developer options. Next, back out to Setting, select Developer options and deactivate Night Mode.
  • For IOS: Go to Settings, choose  Display & Brightness and tap Light. It’s a good idea to move the slider switch next to Automatic to keep your device from activating Dark Mode on its own.

Customize the Google search widget

  • For Android: Open Google, choose the three-dot icon and choose Customize widget. At that point, you could tweak various aspects like color, shape, transparency, …
  • For IOS: The customizing process on IOS resembles that of Android but you likely have to add the Google search widget prior to the customization. Touch and hold an empty area of the home screen until the apps start jiggling. Next, select Add and tap Google. Proceed to choose the widget size, hit Add Widget and place the Google search widget on the home screen. Once the widget is in the ideal position, choose Done.

Download a third-party application

Have a hard time tackling the blackened Google search bar? In that case, it’s strongly recommended that you consider installing a Dark Mode management app developed by third-parties. Compared to built-in settings on typical devices, third-party applications provide people with more options for Dark Mode customization. As a precaution, you should only download reputable apps on app stores to avoid headaches.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dark Mode

How to Get Google Search Bar Back on Android Screen? | MashTips

Should I use Dark Mode all the time? 

It’s best that you set your phone to Dark Mode in dimly-lit surroundings. When you stay in locations with a lot of light, you should disable Dark Mode in order to increase readability.

I have trouble reading with Dark Mode on. Is that normal?

If you feel it hard to read light texts on a black background, it’s highly likely that you have astigmatism which is quite common. To be sure, it’s suggested that you visit optometrists and have your eyes checked.

How come I cannot locate settings for Dark Mode on my phone?

It’s true that plenty of modern-day phones come with Dark Mode but a number of devices don’t. Therefore, if you failed to find Dark Mode on your phone, there is a chance it simply lacks that feature. Fortunately, thanks to third-party applications, it’s possible to outfit Dark Mode to previously unsupported phones in a flash.


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