SOLVED! Google Photo Collage Order on Android

While Android users could organize photos in many ways, Google Photo collage order is popular by all accounts. Versatile and flexible, collage order is able to fit the preferences of many people. Spare some time to take a look at this article if you want to make use of collage order in Google Photo.

Google Photo Collage Order

How to create collages, animations, and movies in Google Photos ...

With half a billion users, and more than 1 billion shared photos in a day, Google photos are one of the hot preinstalled applications on the Android operating system.

Together with applications like YouTube, they have been able to improve the user’s experience associated with android users and their environments.

For you to do the search for pictures on Google Photos easy, the application was designed in a way to automatically arrange your images based on the time they were taken.

This arrangement is the preinstalled configuration, and it can be altered. Another arrangement module is the use of a location based on technology revolving around image recognition and the extensive database of information that is in the hand of Google.

You can try it and search for your image based on these two parameters and see how your wedding pictures and holiday pictures. The search icon can be found at the bottom right.

Google Photos does not allow you to change the arrangement of pictures aside from the two parameters discussed above. Therefore, it is impractical for you to try to sort collage of images based on the filename.

Google Photo Collage Order: How to change collage order

It is a mystery among android users on how to change the order of the collage on Google Photos aside from the use of location and time. This problem has made many to rush off to technological/android communities such as Reddit, it4nextgen and on android manufacturers platform such as OnePlus

You can change the order before you upload it. You can preserve order while you upload, and you can change order after uploading your pictures and videos. To change the order of your photos, you have to use Picasa or the Online web.

Picasa – Simple & Beautiful - CelebMix

Due to the design and the algorithm used in the process of making the application, the developer remove the option of changing the order based on anything aside the time taken

But you can request for help from the Photos Team by visiting here. Describe the problem you are facing, the team will not respond but will take your opinion if popular among android users.

Changing Order Before Uploading

Change filename

You can change the order of your pictures and videos using the Picasa3 rename option.

You can download Picasa3 from here.

After downloading, select the pictures and transfer them to another location so it can use it as a new timestamp

You can also try to rename all the photos in an album, to do this, follow these steps:

  • Select the photos you will like
  • Click the rename icon.
  • Start naming a regular pattern by adding -001 after the name e.g., the photos will be designated as PYRO-001 PYRO-002, etc.
  • In an album, if the last photo is PYRO-030, enter PYRO-031.

Changing Order When Uploading

You can change the order by editing the date and time then upload the album to Google Photos.

Changing Order After Uploading

Navigate to Album under Google Photos by visiting Open the album that you wish to organize.

There are two methods you can use to get this:

Drag & drop

  • Select the 3-dot menu located at the top right
  • Select the “Edit album.”
  • Select the pictures and transfer them to another position.
  • Select Done


Change dates

  • Select the photos that you want to organize
  • Select the 3-dot menu located at the top right
  • Select “Edit Date and Time.”

With this method, only the photo time in the database is changed.

NOTE: When you change the order, the order of pictures on your Google Photos changes which ultimately solves the problem