SOLVED! - Gmail Sync is Currently Experiencing Problems

By far, Gmail is the best email service provider that needs no further introduction. Simple, user-friendly, and very accessible. Yet, one of the most common drawbacks of Gmail has been on syncing. Especially if you’re using Gmail app, you’ll get Gmail sync in your notification tray now and then. Though not that crucial, the ‘Sync is currently experiencing problems’ error is a bit annoying. What it means and how to get rid of this will all be discussed in this article.

Sync Problem on Android Mobile with Google Account

Actually, for years and for some reason, Google has failed to give a permanent fix to syncing issues. Although this problem isn’t only true for Gmail alone, we will use it as an example because it’s the most popular Google product, everyone knows about it.

When you have an Android mobile and use your Google account, you’ll ‘supposedly’ get seamless syncing between different Google products — Gmail, Calendar, Search, and other Google Services. This syncing problem doesn’t only affect Gmail, but it can appear even when you’re using Google Photos or Drive, as well. Although this article centers on Gmail, the quick fixes below can apply to any of the apps with syncing issues, too.

Fix Sync is Currently Experiencing Problems

As always, we’ll start with some go-to troubleshooting steps to assess what could have gone wrong. Then, we’ll narrow down to more app-specific fixes to find the ultimate solution to this problem.

Restart your Phone

Give a quick reboot to your Android phone and see if you still get this syncing error. Many errors and failures were resolved by simply giving a fresh new start to the apps and to the system itself. So, why don’t you give it a try?

Check Data or Internet Connection

When you are syncing data, it involves the use of an internet connection. Do you have a reliable internet connection? If you are using your mobile data, maybe you have exhausted your data allocation already that’s why you experience this problem. If nothing is wrong with your internet connection, there’s no reason why syncing fails.

Is Google Services Down?

Though Google server is pretty stable and reliable, sometimes unexpected downtime can happen. So, if you are 100% sure that your internet is working fine, check Google Services. This Down Detector, for example, is great so you can see which Google product experienced some problems. It gives you information whether there are reported issues and whether it has been solved. If no problems were reported in any Google product you are using, then, go back to your system.

Try Manual Sync

You have the option to have the syncing done automatically or manually. Most users deactivate auto-sync to save data and battery. If this could be the problem, try manual sync or set the sync settings again.

Go to Settings and find the Sync option. Tap on the Sync function and it’ll give you details of the accounts on your phone, as well as the option to Auto-sync data. If Auto-sync data is toggled on, there should be no problem. Just tap the Sync now button and proceed with manual syncing.

Under the setting, you’ll also have the option to enable/disable sync of the app or services. Just tap on the app/services where you encounter the error and re-establish syncing.

Update OS and/or Update Apps

The latest version of the operating system and apps offers fixes and patches to the most commonly reported issues. In addition, new features may sometimes be showcased, as well as security patches. Furthermore, to avoid incompatibilities and inconsistencies, it’s better to use the most updated version of the OS and the app.

For system update, go to Settings>About>System Update. By default, once your smartphone detects new updates, it’ll prompt you to download and install it. If you opt to do it manually, then, you also need to download and install it manually. Restart your phone to apply the changes.

Now, for the apps, if you haven’t allowed the system to update each app automatically, go to Play Store>My apps & games. You can hit Update All or just tap the Update button next to the Google product where you encounter the problem.

Incorrect Date and Time

It’s recommended that you should set the time, date, and time zone of your Android phone automatically. If there’s an inconsistency with these details, it’ll definitely become a problem with the sync functions. Go to Settings>Additional Settings>Date and Time. If you choose to do it manually, make sure they are consistent with the internet details. Otherwise, you’ll continue getting the ‘sync is currently experiencing problems,’ error.

The Final Say

One of the most bothersome errors when using Google products, especially Gmail is on the syncing. You may experience prolonged syncing or the error ‘sync is currently experiencing problems.’ In general, the advantage of using Android mobile together with your Google account is that you can sync data across all the Google products you are using. Unfortunately, just like any suit or group of apps, sometimes syncing may fail. When data syncing isn’t going anywhere, get to the bottom of the problem by checking all the fixes compiled in this article.