SOLVED! - Gmail Not Sending Attachments Android

Gmail, like any other email service provider, gives you the convenience of sending files and exchanging messages. You can easily and quickly attach files, in the same way, that you can/receive and download file attachments. You can send attachments successfully if it conforms to Gmail specifications — size, file type, and more. Yet, for mobile app users, Gmail not sending attachments Android becomes so annoying. Emails with attachments will only be queued and won’t be sent even with a strong internet connection.

Gmail Attachments and Restrictions

First, the very obvious requirement to send emails is a stable internet connection. If you have an intermittent connection, don’t expect that your email will go through. Aside from the internet connection, Gmail also restricts attachment if the file:

  • Exceeds the size limit — you can only send up to 25 MB attachment
  • An executable — files ending in .exe (and other restricted formats) will automatically be blocked due to security reasons

If your file is smaller than 25 MB and it’s not an executable file, it should go through. Yet, there has been an increasing number of Gmail app users, especially for Android that can’t send emails with attachments. When sending a regular message without attachments, it can be sent immediately. However, when it comes to attachments, it’ll be parked in the Outbox and tagged as ‘Queued’ or ‘Uploading.’

Gmail Not Sending Attachments on Android — Solved!

To get a permanent fix to this problem, let’s get to the bottom of this by doing a step-by-step troubleshooting process. From the most common procedures to some proven workarounds — each will be discussed in detail.

Check the Internet Connection

As mentioned, the internet connection is very important when sending emails with attachments. If you have a bigger file, it needs a stronger internet connection. Thus, it’ll definitely be stuck in your Outbox while it’s still uploading the file. You are on Wi-Fi or in a reliable mobile data connection, this problem shouldn’t occur, in the first place.

Force Stop Gmail App and Clear Cache Data

Just like any other app, it’s essential to clear out temporary files or cached data of your Gmail app. In this way, you’ll get rid of the unnecessary data being stored — definitely, increase the performance of your Gmail app. Go to Settings>Apps>Gmail app. You can find the option to Force Stop the app — you can hit it or go straight to clearing the app cache. Tap on Storage, then, you can see Clear Data and Clear Cache options. Tap each button to erase the corresponding stored details.

Restart App and Manually Resend Email

Make a quick reboot of your phone. Once you have successfully restarted your phone, access the Gmail app again. Then, go to Outbox and swipe down the list — this will refresh the list and will resend your email. If you have a good internet connection, then, your queued emails will be re-sent.

Background Data Enabled

Too many restrictions on your Settings will eventually take a toll on the smooth operation of the apps. If you’re saving your battery, just ensure you make exemptions to Gmail, especially when it comes to using the data. Go Settings>Data usage>Gmail. Ensure that ‘Restrict background data‘ is not selected.

Check for the Latest Update for the App and OS

Some problems could arise if you don’t have the updated app and operating system. See if you can get the latest patch to fix your OS. Depending on your mobile make, but commonly, go to Settings>Software Update. If it has the latest update, check if you are also running the latest Gmail app.

Go to Play Store>My apps & games>Gmail. Tap on the Update button to get the latest and greatest version of the app. In general, getting the latest version of the app will help solve some unexplainable problems that you might encounter.

Access Gmail via Chrome Web Browser

If you still have the problem after the basic troubleshooting process, perhaps, it’s a problem with your Gmail app itself. Verify by accessing your Gmail via a web browser. If you can successfully attach and send files without a problem, then, it’s a problem of the Gmail app. You can uninstall and reinstall the app and see if the problem persists.

On the flip side, if you can’t still attach files even when logging into Gmail web, it could be Gmail’s problem itself.

Gmail not sending attachments Android is generally solved by the above-mentioned solutions. However, if it’s Gmail’s problem itself, it’s important to let them know.

The Final Say

In general, Gmail is a very convenient email service provider, wherein you can access your email anywhere. Whether with an app or web browser, sending/receiving emails with attachments becomes easier and faster than before.

Unfortunately, one of the increasing complaints from users is on Gmail not sending attachments. Android users are particularly affected by this problem. This article ensures that this issue will be solved by providing you easy-to-follow troubleshooting steps. Ensure to follow the process and report to us which among these processes work for you.


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