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Your call log is where you can find your missed calls, received calls, and outgoing calls. It makes it easier for you to return a call, check your missed calls, save a new contact. However, on Android, you can only have 500 calls stored in your call log at a time. As more calls enter the log, the older ones disappear for the new ones, and in the process, a phone number that you really need may get cleared in the process. And we often see a lot of people asking questions of how to fix the issue of call log disappeared Android. This is to tell you how frustrating it can be when you are trying to get an important phone number. If you have ever been in that kind of situation before or you just want to prevent it from happening, here is a fix for the problem;

Methods to Restore Call Log Disappeared Android

METHOD 1: Restore from Android backup

Most Android devices come with cloud data backup services or some other types of data backup solutions to keep data safe and secure. These services store a complete backup of your Android device data such as photos, videos, messages, contacts, settings, calendars, and, of course, your call log. If you are trying to fix the problem of call log disappeared on Android, you can restore your data from backup and recover the call log. If you are a Samsung user, below are the steps to restore call log history from Samsung Cloud.

STEP 1: From “Settings,” navigate to “Accounts and Backup.”

STEP 2: Click on “Backup and restore,” and then on “Restore data.”

STEP 3: Choose “Phone (including call and message history).”

STEP 4: Click on “Restore.”

METHOD 2: Use a 3rd-party Recovery Software

Usually, when your call log disappears from your device, the data remain saved somewhere deep in the memory of your Android device. With some recovery tools, you can reach into this part of your device memory and recover the lost data. These third-party recovery software tools are available for macOS and Windows OS, and with only a few clicks, you can recover just about any type of data and file. Check out the steps below;

STEP 1: Install the software.

STEP 2: Connect your Android device with a USB cable.

STEP 3: From the software interface, select the option, “Android Data Recovery.”

STEP 4: When the prompt to enable USB debugging pops up on your Android device, enable it.

STEP 5: Choose the type of data you want to scan. For this purpose, select the “Call logs” option.

STEP 6: When the prompt to root your phone comes up, allow it. You need to root your phone so that the software can scan the memory of your device more deeply.

STEP 7: After rooting, start the recovery process, and your entire call log will be displayed.

STEP 8: Select the ones you would like to discover and choose the folder that the recovered log be sent to

STEP 9: Confirm the selection and click on “Recover.”

METHOD 3: Contact your phone carrier

This is another method for recovering call log disappeared Android. Although it is a long shot, it is nevertheless effective. Phone service companies store records of calls made over data, and you can access these records whenever you want. If you use Verizon, for instance, you can check out your call records by logging into your MyVerizon account. Navigate to “My Billing,” “View bill,” and then “View Call Details.” You will see all the phone calls for the past 18 months made or received from that device. This method may not work for sure, especially if the calls have been deleted from your android device, but it is worth trying.

Bonus Point

It may be hard to be in full control of all the data you store on your Android device; thus, it makes sense to take some preemptive measures. You should always have a backup for your Android device and everything stored on it. There are lots of Android date recovery applications around, including the inbuilt Android backup software mentioned in METHOD 1. You can back up all your files, and when you try to restore call log disappeared Android, you have the option of selecting the files that you would like to restore. So, whether you lose your Android device or you lose the data on it, you can use a backup service to restore your data.

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