FIXED: Android Car App Keeps Opening

Android Auto is one of the most impactful app developments in the auto world, but until recently, when it started to malfunction. The issue of the Android Car App keeps opening is one of the most recent and unavoidable problems encountered with the most recent update of the Google app, causing the Android Car app to relaunch itself even after turning off the car engine. This is not in any way a small technical glitch as drivers and mobile users have constantly complained about this particular glitch, which is mostly absent until the most recent update of the Android Car app.

The issue of “Android car app keeps opening” occurs `after connecting your phone to the car and you drive for a while, then, you park the car, turn off the engine and disconnect your phone, the Android car app turns itself on. Meanwhile, under normal circumstances, once disconnected, the app is not supposed to come on or relaunch until you tap its icon. And according to users, Android auto closes when turning off the engine as expected, but it relaunches intermittently without them inputting any command for it to do so. The issue is not peculiar to a particular phone brand, version, or operating system, nor is it specific to a car model. As has been reported by users, the issue cuts across the spectrum regardless of the kind of gadget they use or even the Android version. There were speculations that the newly released Android 10 will not have the same problem, since only the previous android versions have reported the glitch. But, it’ll interest you to know that the problem still persists even in the newer versions and newer devices.

According to Google, they are investigating the problem, but nothing has been said so far about a possible fix or even if a fix is being worked upon. Meaning, you have to temporarily fix this problem by rebooting your phone to resolve the bug. However, this is not permanent and that is why we have put the options below together so you can easily fix the problem of Android car app keeps opening;

Method 1: Force stop the app

Sometimes, to fix an app that keeps malfunctioning, you have to ”force stop” the app and open it again. Do this by simply going to settings, scroll down to all apps, tap the app that keeps crashing, and tap ”force stop.”

Method 2: Clear App Data

Sometimes, clearing the data accumulated on your app helps restore the app to normalcy, even though after clearing the app data, you have to set up the app once again with your user details, it might be the solution you need. To do this, go to settings, scroll down to all apps, tap the app that keeps crashing, and click clear app data and storage.

Method 3: Reinstall the app

In case clearing the app, data doesn’t help; you can simply uninstall the app and redownload from the Play Store.

Method 4: Free up storage space

The reason an app malfunction at times is because the phone’s storage space is insufficient. Sometimes, this may be a solution to the Android Car app keeps opening. To do this, go to settings, scroll to all apps, and uninstall unused apps and games.

Method 5: Clear Cache

Android apps are known to build up unusually large caches, depending on the usage. And even though the Android OS is designed to manage its own cache, sometimes you have to manually handle things yourself. To do this, go to settings, scroll storage, tap on cached data. Tap okay when the dialogue box opens.

Method 6: Keep your apps updated

As basic as this sounds, it sometimes works. The only reason an app malfunction is because of a bug, but these bugs get fixed with every new update from the developer. So, to get rid of bugs, always update your apps.

Method 7: Factory Reset

Hopefully, it doesn’t get to this before you are able to get a fix on the malfunctioning app. The more reason why this should be your last resort in any case. To do this, go to settings, scroll to About phone, tap backup, and reset and follow the instruction.

Note; this process will delete all your phone data and will only be able to get them back if you have them backed up.

Tech enthusiasts have been researching into solving the problem of Android Car App keeps opening, and interestingly they came up with a few quick fixes which stop this problem and allows you to exit the car app without having to deal with the app relaunching or opening automatically. Follow the steps below;

Step 1: Open “Settings.”

Step 2: Scroll to Apps & notifications and select it.

Step 3: Tap See all apps.

Step 4: Select Android Auto from this list.

Step 5: At the bottom of the screen, click on Advanced.

Step 6: Choose the final option of Additional settings in the app.

Step 7: Customize and personalize your Android Auto options from this menu.


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