SOLVED! - Recuva Does Not Recognize My Cell Phone

Many of us have at one time, or the other mistakenly deleted a file on our cell phones, USB drives, or camcorders. It is not something anybody loves to experience, but it happens to the best of us, sometimes with important files and sometimes, to irrelevant files. What is the way out when you delete an important file that you need urgently? Recovering such a file becomes a top priority, and there is an effective way to do that, using the Recuva software. The Recuva software is an important tool for recovering lost files, and sometimes, users experience the problem of Recuva doesn’t recognize my cell phone. This article aims to discuss how to fix this problem, but before then, here’s a little background on the Recuva software.

What is Recuva?

Recuva is a Windows data recovery software used for recovering lost data from mobile phones and USB storage drives. Recuva can be used to recover different types of data such as permanently deleted Android files, flies lost to formatting or damage, deleted emails, deleted music and lyric data, unsaved documents, and deleted files as a result of Android update amongst others.

Some of the features of Recuva

  1. Recuva is an easy to use software that does not require reading any manual or guide.
  2. It supports different file formats, such as images, documents, music, email, etc.
  3. It features two scanning methods – Regular scan for quick scanning and Deep scan for advanced scanning.
  4. It is free software that does not come with malware or spyware.
  5. It has the restore-and-securely-delete feature that ensures that files, once deleted, can never be recovered using other programs. This is useful for users who may want to delete sensitive files that they do not need anymore and do not want anybody to have access to the files either.

How to Fix if Recuva doesn’t recognize cell phone

If you have recently lost a file on your mobile phone for any reason and you are looking for ways to recover it, Recuva is a suitable solution to this problem. So, once you download the software, install it, and follow all the on-screen instructions. Once you have installed Recuva successfully, the next thing is to connect your mobile phone to your PC using a USB cable. Normally, you should get a prompt on your phone once you connect the USB cable, but if you don’t then, you may be facing the Recuva doesn’t recognize cell phone issue. There are steps to check for this issue and possibly fix it. Check them out below;

STEP 1: Check if your phone is connected as a mass storage or external storage device. To do this, swipe the notifications bar to see the type of connection. You will find the option there, click on the option, and change it.
STEP 2: Press “Windows Key with the E-key” to launch File Explorer and then right-click on “This PC.”.
STEP 3: From the options click on “Properties.”
STEP 4: Click on “Device Manager” to display the devices connected to your PC. Navigate to the section named “Other devices.”
STEP 5: You will find your phone with a yellow symbol next to it if there is a connection problem.
STEP 6: Right-click on the symbol and click on “Update driver.”
STEP 7: Select “Search for drivers automatically,” and the files will begin to download automatically.
STEP 8: After downloading successfully, in the “Device Manager” window, you will see “Portable devices,” which means that you have successfully fixed the issue of Recuva doesn’t recognize my cell phone.

Tips for Preventing Data Loss in the Future

While the loss of data is something that can happen to anybody, there are ways to get ahead of unfortunate situations like that. This way, one can be excused from using Recuva entirely, or even facing the problem of Recover doesn’t recognize my cellphone. These tips can help you prevent data loss;

  1. Sign up for a cloud account such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive and make sure you backup your files regularly.
  2. Save files to the external memory (SD card) on your mobile phone.
  3. Transfer files to your PC and get an external hard drive to store those files.


Losing the files on your mobile device suddenly can be a devastating experience, especially when you don’t have a backup anywhere or when you are experiencing the issue of Recuva doesn’t recognize my cell phone. You can either use these tips to fix the issues or put in measures to have your files somewhere safe in case you lose them on your phone.
Let us know your experience with Recuva in the comments. Have you experienced the issue of Recuva not recognizing your phone? If yes, how did you fix it? Would you recommend the software to other users?


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