Facebook Videos Stop Playing After a Few Seconds

Most of us have smartphones, and we are more than eager to connect with people around the world. Facebook tops the list of the most downloaded social media platforms in the world. With a whopping 16 billion downloads, surely, Facebook is indeed very popular. This means, most of us know that Facebook is a platform where you can shout out, share videos, and post photos. Just like any app, it’s not perfect. Most complaints are about Facebook videos stop playing after a few seconds.

Why do Facebook videos stop playing after a few seconds?

When an app behaves out of whack, there are several factors why it’s behaving differently. First, it could be the app itself. You might need to update the app or the browser you used to access Facebook. Or, if this happened after the recent update, hence, the update could be the cause. And, a lot of users who complained about this matter have agreed that it was a bug Facebook has and already been fixed. Still, from time to time, there are users who experienced the problem even now.

Second, it could be your internet connection. You might have a slow and intermittent internet connection. This translates to Facebook videos playing and stopping after a few seconds.

Third, and last culprit could be your phone. There are some Settings you might need to change to prioritize Facebook, watch and scroll uninterruptedly until your battery drops to zero.

Fix: Facebook videos Stop Playing After a Few Seconds

Reportedly, whether using Facebook mobile app or the web, some users are unlucky enough to encounter this problem. However, the solutions have been established and proven to work. While the problem is only one, since there are several reasons for the problem, we check all the angles and present all solutions.

Checking Internet Connection

Since using Facebook and playing videos requires you to access the internet to connect to their server, you must have a stable and strong data. If you are using a data connection, try using other video streaming apps. If you can proceed and navigate without a problem, then, you have a good internet connection. Your internet connection is reliable; therefore, we need to try other solutions. Unless you get an error that specifies it’s an internet connection problem (Error Code: 230002).

Facebook on Web

If you are accessing your Facebook via web browsers, chances are, you already have accumulated cache and cookies in your browser or it’s outdated. It’ll affect Facebook’s performance, especially when watching power- and data-demanding videos on the platform. You need to clear the cache of your web browser and/or update the app.

Clear Cache on Browser App

Open the browser app you used to access your Facebook from. At the top right, you can see More>History>Clear Browsing Data. Then, you can choose the time range. If you want to delete everything, just select All time. You can tick options like Cookies and site data, Cached images and files, and more. Tick these boxes and tap Clear data button.


If the problem still occurs, update your browser. Perhaps some add-ons and plug-ins are outdated or your browser itself has a new release. Get the latest version of your browser and try logging into your Facebook again. No avail, let’s try using Facebook app.

Facebook Mobile App

Unless you’re a frequent or daily Facebook user, the website saves you more MBs on your phone than the Facebook mobile app. The advantage of using the Facebook app, on the other hand, is that every time you open the app, you’ll get to Facebook instantly.

Try to use the Facebook app and play Facebook videos in landscape mode. Some users have noticed that if you are watching the video in portrait mode, each time the video receives reaction, it’ll pause. Perhaps Facebook or Android OS thinks you have a notification and it’ll automatically pause. You need to press play button every time it does so, to continue watching — very annoying.

Clear Cache and Update your App

Perhaps your Facebook app has so much cache, as well or you aren’t using the latest version.

Clear Cache: Go to Settings>Apps or Applications>Facebook app. Tap Storage>Tap Clear Cache. This will take a few seconds, but not too long.

Update Facebook App: If you set Do not auto-update apps in your Google Play, this means you need to check updates for apps manually. Go to Play Store>Menu>My apps & games. Tap the Update button for the Facebook app. Tap Accept when you are prompted and it’ll automatically download and install the updates.

Restart Your Phone

Sometimes the changes won’t be carried out unless you refresh your phone. Try restarting your phone and see if Facebook videos still stop playing after a few seconds. Most users solve this problem by just giving their phone a reboot.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

If all the above methods have failed, uninstall the Facebook app and erase all the data it has on your phone. Go to Settings>Apps or Applications. Tap Facebook and then, tap Uninstall. You can also do this through Google Play.

Then, go to Google Play, search for Facebook, and download/reinstall it. It won’t take much of your time, lest you have a poor internet connection. Launch Facebook app and enter your login details. It should be working fine.

Or worse, you must contact Facebook. Facebook had this bug once, but a lot of users found it gone when Facebook released a new update. Perhaps, history repeats itself.

The Final Say

There are approximately 100 million hours of video watched every day on Facebook. Imagine if some of these users experience Facebook videos stop playing after a few seconds. How annoying it is to keep pressing/tapping the play button each time it stops?

Possible reasons for this issue can be attributed to slow internet connection or a bug on Facebook itself, its bug, and updates. Additionally, it could also be the cache data or your app isn’t updated. With every possible reason, we give solutions and detailed fixes. If in the worst case that you keep encountering this problem, contact Facebook immediately. It happened before and it should have already been fixed.

Rest assured all the solutions above are working, only a few sorts to uninstalling and reinstalling the app. So, no matter what the reason for this error be in your specific phone, you can solve it with our proven and tested quickies.

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