Everytime I Unlock My Phone It Opens an Ad

Mobile phones have been a part of everyone’s life. So, if your phone is acting differently than normal, you easily panic. Especially for Android phones, wherein you can do nearly anything, seeing your phone behaving differently than ordinary is disturbing.

Among these abnormal behaviors in Android mobiles is on the ads showing up on-screen unlock. For some Android phone users, every time they open their phone, they are greeted with weird ads. And, if you’re one of the people who have said or searched, ‘every time I unlock my phone it opens an ad,’ this article gives you the ultimate solution.

Why Are There Ads on My Phone?

Pop up ads are produced by adware-type programs on your phone. Adware is an unwanted app that will automatically be installed on your phone when you download untrusted apps from Google Play Store. Among the apps that are known to have ads appearing on the lock screen are Battery Doctor, UC Browser, ES File Explorer, and many more.

Although it’s not something that you should worry about as it only displays ads, it’s annoying. Ads may pop up not only after you unlock your phone, but anywhere — without your consent. As much as possible, you want to get rid of it.

And, to make things more complicated, you don’t even know where to stop these crazy ads. Nevertheless, since it’s an app automatically installed on your phone — it can be uninstalled. How? Please read on.

Are These Really Just Ads?

To assure you, the ad that welcomes you each time you unlock your phone isn’t because of a virus, rather, of the adware. For one thing, you should find the culprit app right away because it’s annoying. However, you should also know that these nasty ads can be a gateway to:

  • Land on scam sites, which will then be the reason why your phone will be infected with a virus. Sometimes, it may come in a form of message that warns you of possible system warnings or problems. Then, it’ll prompt you to download some app — and if you’re not careful — a malware.
  • Hide the original content of the site you visited. Since you don’t know when these ads show, you might mistake the pop-up as the content of the website you visited. Again, it’s intrusive and could lead you to scam sites when you accidentally or mistakenly tap on it.
  • Privacy issues. Some adware programs track user’s browsing activities to display more personalized ads. This could compromise your privacy and device security.

Now that you know how annoying these ads are, you want to make them disappear, already.

Finding the Culprit Apps

Although Google has a strict policy for the ads on the screen, some app developers don’t stick to rules. And, it’s a burden to users. But, through this article, you can have a more wonderful time with your Android mobile without being pissed off by the ads.

Booting in Safe Mode

This method will allow you to temporarily disable third-party apps, so you can trace which apps are the cause of the ads. To go to Safe Mode, press and hold the Power button until the ‘Power Off’ option appears. Then, release the button.

Touch and hold the ‘Power Off’ option to activate the ‘Safe Mode’ prompt. Tap the ‘Safe mode’ to confirm. Although this process isn’t true to all Android phones, your manufacturer will tell you the process of how to do it.

Once you are in ‘safe mode’ and you don’t see the ads popping up, check the apps you’ve recently used or installed that aren’t there. In this way, you can uninstall them one by one, until the ads disappear.

Know the Apps with Ads

There’s an easy way to trim down the possible culprit apps. Open your Google Play Store app>Menu>My apps & games>Installed tab. Click an app that you recently installed. Under the Open button, you’ll see something that will give you a clue — ‘Contain ads.’

Check Recent Apps

You can try checking the recent apps if you can see the app that causes the app. Tap the Recent apps button (or activate it according to the shortcut of your specific Android mobile model). Then, check the suspicious app and uninstall it. See if the problem disappears or persists.

Check Unfamiliar Installed App or No Icon App

Some adware doesn’t have an icon — so you can easily distinguish them. Go to Settings>Apps. Find the apps that aren’t familiar or the ones without an icon. You can see these apps towards the bottom of the app list.

Check Running Services

If you’ve tried all the above-mentioned ways to find the app, but still the ads keep showing, try to access the Running Services via Developer option. To activate Developer options, tap the Build number seven (7) times. Go to Settings>System>About phone> Build.

Now, the Developer Options is enabled. Tap that and go to Running Services. You can see all the apps that are currently running on your device. Hence, if you see an unfamiliar app, you can uninstall it easily.

Uninstalling the Apps Showing Ads

You don’t need to know how to uninstall an app — it’s the same process as to how you uninstall other apps that you won’t use anymore. Since you’ve already determined the culprit app, go to Settings>Apps & Notifications. Tap on the app and select Uninstall.

Can’t uninstall the app?

Perhaps the app has some administrative rights. To revoke this, you need to go to Settings, then to Security>Administrators or Device admin apps. Disable the app that you want to uninstall or the app without an icon. Once you disabled it, you can uninstall it using the usual process.

The Final Say

Having to deal with ads, especially upon unlocking your Android mobile’s screen is annoying. And, while these ads seem malicious, at most times, they are generated by adware and not virus. However, if you aren’t careful, it could be access to malicious sites. Hence, there’s a need to remove this adware app as soon as possible.

Since this article has given you the ways to determine the culprit apps and the way to get rid of them, you shouldn’t worry about this anymore. Only install trusted apps and if it’s necessary to access third-party sites, you know what to do if annoying ads appear. Stay alert to keep protected.

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