SOLVED! Discord Unread Message – Red Dot Won’t Go Away

If you notice that Discord’s red dot won’t go away, you must have unread messages and you should check out your inbox. To be thorough, you may want to scan through the messages including old ones. Furthermore, depending on the situation, it’s wise to consider turning off “Enable Unread Messages Badge”. Continue reading to be able to get rid of the Discord’s red dot.

Discord’s red dot means you set yourself to ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DnD) status. This will automatically mute any and all desktop notifications about messages, friend requests you’d normally receive. This may help you focus more on the game you are playing.

Below are two ways that help you to remove red dot on Discord

Method 1: Check your old notifications

Notifications from old messages of group/channel

The red dot budge usually appears when you have an unread message notification. Make sure that you have seen all the messages, not only recently message but also the old ones. Sometimes, you forget to check your notification, but going over old pinned messages can solve your problem. Try it out!

Furthermore, someone recently added you to a group or channel and there was no on-going conversation but you are not allowed to read the history. There is no unread notification on this group/channel, you should do a right-click on the message and click Mark Read, this group/channel chat will go away. But to save your time if you have lots of channels you can right-click on the whole server icon in the far-left column and click “Mark as read“. Besides, you can enable “Server mute” on servers you don’t care about getting every notification for.

Notification from Friend Suggestions

This red dot may appear when you have friend suggestions or friend requests. Check it out and restart your Discord.

Method 2: Turn off “Enable Unread Messages Badge”

After you had checked your old pinned messages but the red dot still on Discord Icon, use this method immediately. We are pretty sure that the red dot will go away!

Step 1: Open your Discord

Open your Discord App

Step 2: Click on Users Setting in the bottom left corner of your screen.

User Settings in Discord

Step 3: Go to Notifications under Discord settings 

Your screen show Notifications part

Step 4: You can see the second option is “Enable Unread Messages Badge”

Enable unread message badge option

Step 5: Click on this option and turn it off, there’s no blue on it

Turn off the blue color mode

Step 6: Click ESC to close this task.

 Turn off your Notification part


Step 7: Close your Discord app -> Restart it and then check your Discord Icon -> the red dot has been removed!

You had removed the Red Dot 


The red dot signifies that you have an unread message notification! So, if it isn’t inessential, just hold it. Maybe you need this red dot to remind you of the job description or an unforgettable online date.

After this post, we hope you can find a way to solve the problem of the red dot on Discord.