SOLVED! - Droid Turbo Not Receiving Texts 

Generally speaking, if you notice your Droid Turbo not receiving texts, the device must have bugged out and you should restart it. Also, you could send a message to your number, check out the signal reception, remove and reinsert the SIM card, clear the cache of the Message app, perform a factory reset, … Not exactly tech-savvy and have a hard time carrying out the solution on your one? Then this article could help you out.

Droid Turbo Won’t Receive Texts: Possibilities 

All in all, it’s not uncommon for Droid Turbo to act up out of the blue in the course of operation. However, once it comes to Droid Turbo not receiving texts, the list of suspects includes:

  • Bugs.
  • Signal reception. 
  • Corrupted cache. 
  • Android.

What Must Be Done


  • Step 1: Press and hold the Power button then hit Power Off. 
  • Step 2: Wait for a minute then press and hold the Power button. Let go of the button the moment the device vibrates.
  • Step 3: When the screen comes back on, launch the Message app and determine whether the issue persists.

Send A Message To Your Number 

  • Step 1: Locate the Message app icon then hit it to launch the app. 
  • Step 2: Select Compose, enter random text, set your number as the recipient and choose Send. 
  • Step 3: See how things turn out. 

Check Out The Signal Reception 

In layman’s terms, if the signal reception in your area is too weak, there is a good chance that your phone won’t be able to receive text. One way to see if signal reception is the root of the problem is to take a look at the signal reception bar. If the bar is too low, move to open space, get to high ground and so on to improve the signal reception.

Remove And Reinsert The SIM Card 

  • Step 1: Press and hold the Power button then hit Power Off. 
  • Step 2: Gently pry open the Volume button rocker to reveal the SIM tray. Next, remove the SIM card, look for signs of issues and reinsert the card if there is nothing out of the ordinary. Make sure that the card sits securely in the tray.
  • Step 3: Press and hold the Power button then witness the result.

Clear Cache

  • Step 1: Open Settings, select Apps, and choose Message. 
  • Step 2: Click Storage then pick Clean cache. 
  • Step 3: After the process finishes, restart your phone. 

Perform A Factory Reset

  • Step 1: Press and hold the Power button then hit Power Off. 
  • Step 2: Press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously. Let go of the buttons when the device vibrates.
  • Step 3: Use the Volume buttons to navigate to Recovery mode then press the Power button once.
  • Step 4: Once you reach the Recovery Mode, use Volume buttons to navigate to wipe data/factory reset and press the Power button once. 
  • Step 5: Confirm your decision if prompted. 

How Do I Create Contact Groups On Droid Turbo? 

  • Step 1: Open the Contacts list, select Groups to open the Groups screen, name your group and choose Save. 
  • Step 2: In the Contacts list, click the newly created group and pick the plus icon to start adding contacts.
  • Step 3: Check the checkbox next to the contacts then hit Save.

What Must Be Done To Disable Driving Mode And Stop Moto Assist From Reading My Text Messages? 

  • Step 1:  Launch the Moto Assist app, select Assist and choose Driving. 
  • Step 2: Either turn off auto-reading or shut down the Driving mode: 
    • Disable Auto-reading mode: Untick the Talke to Me box
    • Disable Driving mode: Press and hold the Driving Activity option and choose the trash can icon. 

Note: Depending on the situation, you could also uninstall the Moto Assist app: 

  • Step 1: Open the Google Play Store.
  • Step 2: Tap Menu, choose My apps and hit Moto Assist.
  • Step 3: Click Uninstall then pick OK to confirm. 

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