Dial Pad Not Working During Call Android: Solutions

Overall, while devices continue to get more features and functions by the day, calling remains an essential capability of phones. That means any issues with making calls would significantly affect the experience of phone users. On Android, calling is usually a straightforward affair but a number of issues still show up every now and then. Among calling hiccups of Android phones, few could match dial pad not working during call Android regarding the level of frustration that people must experience.

The dial pad of your Android phone is unusable during calls and you have no idea how to address that? If that is the case, this article is going to be of use to you. Down below, you would be introduced to practically everything that you need to know to regain the use of dial pad amidst calls on Android.


What You Have To Do 

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Troubles on smartphones have a wide range of fixes but once it comes to the issue of dial pad not working during call Android, you should use the following methods


Despite its simplicity, restart is still one of the best techniques to take care of troubles on today’s devices. When restarting, Android phones would remove many inconsistencies that accumulate in use and restore operation. So if the dial pad of your device refuses to respond while you make calls, you should proceed to turn it off and on again. To protect the integrity of hardware, it’s a good idea that you avoid restarting your Android phone repeatedly in a short period of time.

Clear Cached Data 

Various applications on Android devices utilize cached data to speed up processing but over time, such data may become corrupted. Corruptions in the cached data usually cause annoying errors that impair aspects of phones and dial pad is no exception. Thus, while tackling the issue of dial pad not working during call Android, clearing cached data is worth a try.

  • Step 1: Go To Settings
  • Step 2: Hit Storage
  • Step 3: Choose Internal Storage
  • Step 4: Tap Cached data
  • Step 5: Select OK to clear cached data


Obsolescence is among the primary suspects of a wide range of problems on phones that use the Android operating system. Because of that, when the dial pad of your phone appears unresponsive amidst calls, it’s wise to determine whether everything is up-to-date. The operating system as well as the phone app should be your top concerns as you check through the device.

Turn Off Spam Filtering

In a number of cases, the spam filter of Android devices interferes with calling and prevents dial pad from working. Hence, by turning off spam filtering, people should be able to put an end to the issue of dial pad not working during call Android.

Perform A Factory Reset 

To matter what you do, the dial pad remains unresponsive? Then a factory reset is essentially the only option left before you have to bring your phone to customer service. Following a factory reset, your device is going to revert to its original settings which eliminate pretty much all errors. Since the memory would be blank afterward, it’s strongly recommended that you backup key data prior to resetting your Android phone to factory settings.

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Frequently Asked Question About Calling On Android 

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How may I block numbers on Android?

Most devices that run on Android pack integrated options for call rejection that could be found in the calling settings. Android users could add numbers to the rejection list or remove them at any time. For advanced call blocking choices, people could also download a number of third-party applications.

What needs to be done to create shortcuts for speed dials? 

Go to home screen, long press an empty part of the screen and choose Widgets. Next, proceed to touch and hold Speed dial under Contact to place it on the home screen. When the widget is in a good spot, release it and choose the number from the list of contacts.

Is it possible to change the phone app on Android?

To change between phone apps on your Android phone, you have to open Settings, select Apps and go to Default Apps via the gear icon. In there, you could set the prefered default phone app for calling on your device.

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