Deactivating Device Administrator On Android: An Insight

Owing to recent updates, Android users should have an easy time manipulating and customizing their devices according to individual liking. That being said, in the course of personalization, people still experience several issues and “cannot deactivate Device Administrator Android” is one of the prominent ones. If the Device Administrator stays on, so do Administrator privileges and that would prevent you from controlling, stopping and deleting certain applications on your devices

So you want to shut down Device Administrator of your Android phones and tablets but don’t know the way? Then you should find the information down below very helpful. 

Getting To Know Device Administrator

To put it plainly,  Device Administrator is a security measure that keeps others from installing/uninstalling apps on your devices. In addition to that, Device Administrator world provides warnings about “suspicious”  apps or outright blocks their installation. While Device Administrator undoubtedly enhances the security of your phones and tablets, it may still get in your way every now and then, especially as you attempt to get rid of unwanted apps. 

How To Shut Down Device Administrator 

All in all, in order to deactivate Device Administrator on Android, you have three methods:

1. Directly disable Administrator privileges

  • Go to “Setting” then proceed to select “Security”
  • A category called “Device Administration” would promptly show up. Click on that and you should see a list of apps that have been granted administrator privileges. 
  • Tap the apps you intend to remove and confirm that you want to have their administrator privileges disabled. 
  • Return to “Setting” and move to the apps that you disabled. Now, you should be able to exercise control over them without having to bother with Device Administrator meddling. 

2. Reboot into Safe Mode and disable Administrator privileges

  • Turn off your devices
  • Press and hold the Power key 
  • As the symbol of your devices appears on the screen, release the Power key then press and hold the Volume Down key. Keep holding the Volume Down key until you enter Safe Mode. 

3. Create shortcuts and disable Device Administrator through them 

  • Create shortcuts for concerning apps on the home screen 
  • Hold the shortcuts for some time then let go
  • Hit app info
  • Choose uninstall
  • An option to deactivate Device Administrator would appear. Select deactivate 
  • Uninstall the apps 

Keeping Your Devices Secured 

Using the methods above, you could disable Administrator privileges with relative ease and exercise control over apps in your devices. However, if it’s for some reason that you still cannot deactivate Device Administrator Android then you should move to secure your devices at once. Malicious apps may interfere with operations of your phones and tablets which often complicate the process of disabling Device Administrator. Install one of the following software and see if that manages to resolve your trouble. 

  • DFNDR Security 

Dependable and reliable, DFNDR Security is held in high esteem by a wide range of Android users around the globe. With the ability to deliver protection against malware, scam, fake news and others, DFNDR Security ensures total safety for you as well as your devices. From time to time, DFNDR Security would check the apps on your devices and notify you if something seems off. With DFNDR Security, it’s even possible to add passwords to contents stored in your phones and tablets too to shield them from prying eyes. 

  • Bitdefender Mobile Security

Equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities, Bitdefender Mobile Security is among the leading antivirus software for Android users nowadays. Boasting top-notch real-time protection, Bitdefender Mobile Security is able to keep you safe as you surf the Internet. Moreover, with Bitdefender Mobile Security, you have the option of locating and locking your device remotely and that is advantageous when it comes to theft.  A free trial is available so if you prefer to test out the features before subscribing, give it a try.

  • Kaspersky Internet Security

Possessing enhanced malware detection, Kaspersky Internet Security effectively and efficiently detects malicious apps which save you a lot of headaches. Besides that, if you ever lost your devices, Kaspersky Internet Security would allow you to lock them or wipe their data. Interestingly, Kaspersky Internet Security could send you snapshots of people currently using your devices (who may be potential thefts). Similar to its contemporaries, Kaspersky Internet Security is available in two versions: free and premium.

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