SOLVED! - Chrome 3 Dots Menu Icon Missing on Android

Chrome has been a very popular web browser since its inception. However, due to the android operating system susceptibility to problems, some users have experienced their Chrome 3 dots missing. This article explains the function of the 3-dots, the causes of the problem, and the solution.

Google Chrome and its Features

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Google Chrome is arguably the most popular web browser on Mother earth, with its presence seen in major operating systems, for example, Windows and Android. On android, it comes directly preinstalled along with applications such as Google Maps, YouTube, Google, and Play Store.

The browser is fast and can download and upload data at a very fast rate while delivering top-notch web experience.

Regarding its features, it combines hell of features to give an excellent user experience. With the well-utilized users’ interface, the browser is one of the best in all major operating systems.

Example of the features:

  • History Tab: Which contains all the sites previously visited arranged according to the date visited (decreasingly). The history tab can be reached depending on the android operating system by tapping the three-dotted icon on the right part of the application and selecting History. It can be sync with all devices with a single Gmail account. This synchronization means that by comparing two Operating systems, e.g., Android and Windows, whatever you are doing on your Android device is linked to your Windows device if you are using the same Gmail. Therefore, the websites you have visited on the android device are visible on the windows device.
  • Incognito Tab: This feature allows the user to browse the internet without the browser keeping tab of the websites visited, i.e., it is a kind of privacy mode. While using the incognito mode, the user data, information, and websites visited are not logged. However, even though you are browsing privately, your activities are being recorded by the visited websites, your Internet Service Provider, and anything you download and bookmark is saved.

Another feature is the 3-dot featured previously released on the latest updates a few years ago.

Chrome 3 dots

It is not strange for you to have referred to the ellipsis as dot dot dot. Anything comfortable will solve the matter, therefore if you choose to call it the ellipsis or dot dot dot or the 3 dots menu. Just know that the official name is the ellipsis

Before the utilization of the 3 dot menu, chrome users should be familiar with the use of the gear icon, for which they can access what the 3 dot menu is not accessing.

The 3 dot menu functions as the menu button and used in accessing features like the History, bookmarks, settings amidst others.

Although it is not a common problem, some android users have faced many problems related to Chrome, although these problems differ from each other based on the severity, and commonness, they are still experienced by some android users. This article will be shedding light into questions such as:

  • Chrome 3 dots missing
  • What are the causes of my Chrome 3 dots missing?
  • How do I resolve my Chrome 3 dots missing?

Chrome 3 dots missing

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It cannot be classified as a general problem since it is not seen in most android devices. It occurs when the 3 dot menu can not be seen on the screen of the android devices.

The cause of your Chrome 3 dots can be due to many things categorized below:

  • Update: Many android users noticed the problem after updating their application. This update leading to the Chrome 3 dots missing can also be due to the system update according to many android users facing the problem.
  • Conflicting application: Although not common, some android users experienced the problem because of conflicting applications
  • Chrome Changing: the application can change the 3 dot menu to suit what you have been doing more often. For example, if you share links or pages a lot, it is customary for the application to change the icon to the place you share most. It can also occur when Chrome replaces it with an “update” symbol.

Solutions to Chrome 3 dots missing

The solution depends on the cause of the problem, and the article will treat each solution very well.


Your Chrome 3 dots missing can simply be solved by closing Chrome and restarting the application. To restart the application, follow these steps:

  • Close the application
  • Navigate to Settings > Application> Chrome> then force stop it
  • Open Chrome again

The problem should have disappeared. However, if it does not disappear, try the next methods


Your Chrome 3 dots missing can be due to a glitch in the working of the android system process, which can be corrected by simply restarting your phone.


Some users also try to use the booting into safe mode to access the problem and then solve it. Booting into safe mode depends on the android device and the version you are using. To boot into safe mode, follow these steps:

  • Press the power button to power off your device
  • Hold down the power off icon on your screen, and it will ask you whether you want to power into safe mode
  • Click yes, and your android device will boot into safe mode

Using the safe mode will allow you to note whether a conflicting application causes the error. If it is caused by a conflicting application, you must look for it and uninstall it


This method will work if an initial update caused the problem, or Chrome was showing an update in the space where the 3 dot menu should be. To update the application, navigate to Play Store and update. You can also use the update link shown on the application to update

if your Chrome 3 dots is missing because of you doing many things with one of the features under the menu, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Chrome application
  • Click the icon that was replaced by the 3 dots menu

When this is done, it will show you the menu normally Most application like Chrome also know if your menu key is being used and the will make the Chrome 3 dots keep missing










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