Step by Step Guides on How to Check the Bluetooth Version on my Android Phone?

How to check the Bluetooth version on my android phone is a question dealt with by this article. The article shows the various versions of Bluetooth, their features and how you can check the version on your android phone


Bluetooth 5.0: What's Different, and Why it Matters

Sending files has been something so intriguing that people’s reaction was like the discovery of the electric bulb by Thomas Edison. The Bluetooth is a medium speed connection that allows two devices to send files to each other. In terms of speed, it cannot be compared to the Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE bands that holds a very high speed of connection and transferring of data.

The history of Bluetooth us unique and can be related to its very use. It links different operating systems together. It can be found on the first phones like Erickson, Nokia, then on Windows and Android. It is also utilized by Apple, the maker of the iOS, and macOS in the making of the iPhone and Mac computers. It was named after the Danish King Harald Balatand, and its icon was the Danish Rune for H and B.

The Bluetooth feature is part of the SOC (System on chip) therefore it cannot be updated to a newer version


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The android operating system is the most widely used operating system in the world, and yes, all its devices come with a Bluetooth feature. Depending on the version of Android and the android device manufacturer, there are many versions of Bluetooth. The latest is Bluetooth 5.0, which has an energy-saving mode when compared to the energy-hungry previous version. Android devices that use the 5.0 version are less susceptible to large drain in a battery. Using the latest Bluetooth technology does not mean that your device can only connect with devices with the same version of Bluetooth, your device should connect with any version.

It is then common for people to ask such questions like:

  • I want to know about the version of their Bluetooth
  • How do I know about my Bluetooth version on my android device?

To understand how to check your Bluetooth device, you gave to know about the different versions of Bluetooth on any device


The Bluetooth version one was made up of the version 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 spanning na update over four years (1999-2003)

This version is known for its crudeness, although there were later improvements in the reliability and the operation. Towards the end of version one, the speed was also improved, and the interference with Wi-Fi and other connection means that operate in the same frequency was removed using the Adaptive Frequency Hopping. AT the time of version 1.2 the Basic Data Rate was also introduced which led to the improvement in pairing speed and connection speed


The Bluetooth version one was introduced as version 2.0 and 2.1, spanning an update over four years (2004-2007)

The version 2.0 update was known as the Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR and used a three-bit encoding to improve the data rate to a whooping sum of 3Mbps. The amount of power consumed during connection was also reduced. Also, there was an improvement in the interference with connections that operates in the same bandwidth

By the 2.1 updates, the SSP (Security Simple Pairing) was introduced to aid more security and faster pairing between devices. The encryption was compulsory on every device using the Bluetooth version. It also has a reduction in power used during connection


The version 3.0 update was introduced in 2009 and referred to as the Bluetooth 3.0 + HS (High Speed). According to its name, it was very fast due to the connection being by Bluetooth, but data transfer is done via Wi-Fi


Version 4.0 was introduced in 2010 and spanned an update of 4.1 and 4.2 over four years (2010-2014)

Version 4 was known as the Bluetooth Smart because of its extremely low power usage. Towards 2013 when version 4.1 was developed. There was an improvement in the data transfer and the relation with other connections in the same frequency, such as LTE. It was at version 4.1 update that Bluetooth devices could be both client and hub, allowing communication with each other.

In 2014, when version 4.2 came out, there was a major technological improvement, with the payload size increased. Also, it allowed each device to run the version to have an IP address.


The version was developed in 2016 and is currently the latest version. It is known for its low power consumption and the connection range ( 50-200 meters). With version 5.0, smartphone users do not need to worry about power consumed when connected to their Bluetooth enabled devices.


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After reading through the different versions of Bluetooth, it is common to want to know the version of Bluetooth your device is running. Although you can guess from the time it was assembled there are also three methods you can use to check your android Bluetooth version


This method only works for selected phones but can also be tried. If it does not work, try method two and three

  1. Switch on your Bluetooth feature
  2. Navigate to your Phone Settings
  3. Select Application (depends on the makers of your phone, for example, Samsung designate it as App)
  4. Tap on Bluetooth Share
  5. Check the App info and see the Bluetooth version


This method is the most used by android users who want to get to know the specifications of their devices. Many sites store and display the specifications of many android devices of different manufacturers. For example, Gsmarena has a wide database containing different android devices and their specifications. When you search for your device, you can check the Bluetooth part under connection and voila! You are done


You can install and Application to help you check the Bluetooth version of your device. Many applications can help you to do that. Just navigate to the Google Play store and search Bluetooth Version Checker and choose from a wide array of applications intended for the use. A recommended application is AID64. To check your Bluetooth version, select System, and scroll to the Bluetooth part.


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