Stop OneDrive From Syncing Desktop

For Windows users who like to stay on the safe side, syncing files and folders to OneDrive from time to time is a good idea. By doing so, people could recover everything from OneDrive if their computers act up out of the blue. That being said, if the frequency and coverage of the syncing get … Read more

Auto-Populate Word Document From Excel

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Different Margins On Different Pages Word 2016

In Microsoft Word, people can draft, design and publish magazines, newspapers, books as well as reports. The program also provides a wide variety of features and functions which facilitate desktop publishing. Some of the features include fonts, Word Art, shapes, numbers and bullets. Interestingly, users can set different margins on different pages Word 2016. How … Read more

How To Add Checkbox In OneNote

Once it comes to note-taking programs for Windows 10 computers, Microsoft OneNote is always a safe choice. OneNote features various functions such as note gathering (handwritten as well as typed), image insertion, audio recordings and even note sharing through the Internet. Still, for first-timers, some of the features of OneNote may be hard to use. … Read more

Outlook Reading Pane Does Not Display Email Content

At the moment, there is no shortage of email clients but for most Windows users around the globe, it’s impossible to go wrong with Outlook. Boasting everything that people need in an email client and more, Outlook proves handy on a lot of occasions. However, Outlook still sometimes experiences errors like “This item cannot be … Read more