SOLVED! Call Ends Immediately After Dialing

To many people, making calls on mobile devices is a straightforward affair and in most of the cases, it is. That being said, every now and then, a few issues may take place and stop the calls from getting through. Among reports of oddities related to making calls, lots of them describe the same occurrence: call ends immediately after dialing. Obviously, being unable to reach out to your loved ones and acquaintances in times of need is annoying and inconvenient.

So you don’t want your calls to keep ending without warning but have no idea how to address that? In that case, it’s strongly recommended that you spare time and read this article. Down below, you would be introduced to suspects that could be behind your calling trouble and methods to tackle them.

What Might Have Gone Wrong 

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All sorts of things lead to problems with making calls but if your call ends immediately after dialing then you should consider the following scenarios

  • Bad connectivity to mobile network: Cellular connection determines various aspects of phone calls from stability to consistency so if connectivity to mobile network is bad, issues would inevitably show up.
  • Damaged or flawed internal hardware: Being delicate devices, phones could sustain damages if treated roughly. Depending on the extent of damage and the hardware involved, the call function of your phone may even be disabled.
  • Phone is on the blacklist: Overall, buying second-hand phones allows people to own devices with desired capacities without having to spend too much money. However, it’s noteworthy that a number of second-hand phones happen to be stolen and blacklisted by network providers. Such phones are usually barred from transmitting and receiving signals.
  • Your number is currently blocked: If you only have trouble reaching a particular number, there is a chance that your phone number is blocked by the receiver at the moment. For confirmation, you could try calling with another SIM card.

Dealing With The Situation: Approaches 

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Different faults require different fixes but if you like to prevent your calls from ending abruptly again, it’s strongly recommended that you do these

Activate/deactivate the airplane mode

When activated, the airplane mode is going to disable pretty much all voice, text and phone services of mobile devices. As a result, you could use the airplane mode to reset the network setting of your phone and remove errors. After you activate the airplane mode, you should wait roughly a minute before deactivating it.

Remove and clean SIM card

In the case that your phone uses a removable SIM card, gently take it out and clean it a bit. Every now and then, the SIM card gets dirtied which causes plenty of calling problems.

Reset phone to factory settings

By performing a factory reset, you would be able to get rid of all issues that exist on your phone. As the data stored in your phone is going to be lost in process, it’s necessary to backup everything.

Get in touch with retailers

So no matter what you do, the issue of call ends immediately after dialing persists? Then it’s best that you pay a visit to the retailer where you bought your phone and just let the pros sort it out.

How To Keep Phones Working Smoothly: A Couple Of Hints 

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Most phones act up from time to time but by implementing certain measure, it’s possible to avoid various headaches

  • Pick up a phone case: If you keep your phone in a dedicated case, it’s going to be less vulnerable to impacts than usual. In addition to that, phone cases protect the aesthetic values of phones which is advantageous.
  • Install a few signal boosters: The strength of cellular connection varies between locations so if you set up some signal boosters, you could boost connectivity.
  • Keep the battery properly charged: Phones expend substantial amounts of energy to reach cellular towers. Because of that, if you want to make calls without troubles, it’s important that you pay attention to the battery level of your phone.